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“The true goal of the path is to actualize our divine individuality through awakening to the light of me.”

“Self realization is the meeting between individuality and universality, at the threshold of which the sacred identity of the soul comes into existence.”

“Meditation is not a technique but an embodiment of our pure subjectivity.”

“Enlightenment is a union of me and I am, in which me does not disappear but realizes its destiny.”

“Only through self-love can the light of me awaken to its pure subjectivity.”

The Practice

Any seeker, before long, can realize that without committed practice, even real experiences of awakening cannot bring us to a stable place in the inner realm. The purpose of meditative practice – which encompasses both sitting meditation and practice in activity – is to assist in a natural way, based on sensitivity and intelligent...

The Teaching

The Teaching of Anadi is a revelation of supreme understanding, a breakthrough vision of human enlightenment based on multidimensional evolution into wholeness and transcendence. Emerging from the intelligence of the now, the teaching transcends concepts of enlightenment that live in traditions of the past. To follow this teaching is a journey into the unknown. One does not have the false security of following a perception of reality or concept of the spiritual path which is already set. It is a constant revelation, an unfoldment of truth into the...

Retreat with Anadi

A meditation retreat with Anadi aims at the multidimensional awakening of all aspects of our existence. While entering a retreat means complete dedication to intense inner work, in which the core energy of our being and consciousness is channelled into the task of awakening, on a deeper level retreat opens the doorway to the inner...


About Anadi

Anadi has devoted his whole life to going beyond suffering, finding true peace, freedom and complete clarity about the nature of the inner path. Among other traditions, he studied Advaita in India and Zen Buddhism in Korea and Japan. Based on his disillusionment with the level of understanding and clarity present in past traditions of enlightenment he, throughout many years of personal struggle, evolution and exploration of the inner realm, created a unique system of teaching, presenting an entirely new vision of human enlightenment based on the multidimensional evolution into the state of wholeness.

He is not a teacher who expounds past knowledge, whether of other traditions or his own, but an open door for the truth to move through him into this dimension.  His constant inquiry into the nature of reality is not a function of mind but of pure intelligence and love. Anadi describes the inner world and each step on the path with unbelievable precision and practicality. Nothing here is abstract or theoretical; everything is just to the point, absolutely concrete and experiential. And yet, the most subtle dimensions of the spiritual plane are revealed; the unspoken is finally spoken…

Upcoming Retreats

Online Hall

The online meditation hall is our virtual hall, which serves as a sacred, silent and supportive space for our daily sitting practice. Read More

Live Stream with Anadi

Every few weeks, Anadi leads a real-time meditation in our online hall, which is streamed live to all attendees.

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Recently Added

March 19, 2017 | Article | The Knower: Questions and Answers

Words are not just concepts but loving messengers of meaning. Since we changed the term ‘observer’ to ‘knower’, suddenly many things have become revealed from within. It is like the wrong word, or a term which is not fully accurate, is blocking the possibility of reaching deeper understanding. We still keep the word ‘observer’ but only when referring to the false outer knower, or the outer essence-me lost in external attention. Not only is the term ‘knower’ beautiful, it is also astonishingly accurate. Knowing is the very substance of our center of intelligence, beyond thinking, paying attention, or observing.

March 12, 2017 | Article | Living as the Inner Knower in the Midst of the Collective Me

Those rare souls who are connected to the inner knower are destined to be alone in society. Society is ruled by the collective me, which is a phantom self with no real individuality that has accepted the state of forgetfulness as its true identity and only reality. When we speak of society here, we also refer to its so-called spiritual aspects, including religions and spiritual traditions, such as Buddhism and Advaita. Those who adhere to these traditions also live as non-individuals in the condition of forgetfulness.

March 2, 2017 | Article | The Knower: Journey into the Center of Our Existence

Over the last several months, we have gained an increasingly higher and more refined spiritual understanding of essential me. Now, we have arrived at a critical point of entering the most mysterious domain of the true center of our existence – the knower. ‘The knower’ is a more accurate name for what we have previously called ‘the observer’. To enter the domain of the knower is to finally become conscious of that which actually makes consciousness conscious. The knower is the most hidden and yet the most obvious aspect of our consciousness. He is the unseen seer who is concealed not only from the world of appearances but also from the world of pure subjectivity, and he who looks out to and knows both of these worlds. We are truly blessed to know the knower at last. The knower is the center of intelligence of the soul who illuminates her multidimensional self with recognition. He is the first and foremost conscious manifestation of immanent I am, and as such, he can be regarded as the deepest dimension of who we are as individual beings. And yet to know the knower is the most challenging task for any seeker on the path. Paradoxically, the knower is the the most unknown. He is the blind spot in our consciousness that all spiritual traditions have failed to recognize. And if one fails to recognize the knower, what is ‘consciousness’ or the ‘realization of self’? One is recognizing what the knower recognizes through his expansion via pure attention into transcendent I am. But one is not recognizing the recognizer himself. Why did Buddha speak of no-self? The simple answer is because he did not know the knower. The truth is that no matter how profound our spiritual accomplishment may be, when we do...