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The Practice

Any seeker, before long, can realize that without committed practice, even real experiences of awakening cannot bring us to a stable place in the inner realm. The purpose of meditative practice – which encompasses both sitting meditation and practice in activity – is to assist in a natural way, based on sensitivity and intelligent...

The Teaching

The Teaching of Anadi is a revelation of supreme understanding, a breakthrough vision of human enlightenment based on multidimensional evolution into wholeness and transcendence. Emerging from the intelligence of the now, the teaching transcends concepts of enlightenment that live in traditions of the past. To follow this teaching is a journey into the unknown. One does not have the false security of following a perception of reality or concept of the spiritual path which is already set. It is a constant revelation, an unfoldment of truth into the...

Retreat with Anadi

A meditation retreat with Anadi aims at the multidimensional awakening of all aspects of our existence. While entering a retreat means complete dedication to intense inner work, in which the core energy of our being and consciousness is channelled into the task of awakening, on a deeper level retreat opens the doorway to the inner...


About Anadi

Anadi has devoted his whole life to going beyond suffering, finding true peace, freedom and complete clarity about the nature of the inner path. Among other traditions, he studied Advaita in India and Zen Buddhism in Korea and Japan. Based on his disillusionment with the level of understanding and clarity present in past traditions of enlightenment he, throughout many years of personal struggle, evolution and exploration of the inner realm, created a unique system of teaching, presenting an entirely new vision of human enlightenment based on the multidimensional evolution into the state of wholeness.

He is not a teacher who expounds past knowledge, whether of other traditions or his own, but an open door for the truth to move through him into this dimension.  His constant inquiry into the nature of reality is not a function of mind but of pure intelligence and love. Anadi describes the inner world and each step on the path with unbelievable precision and practicality. Nothing here is abstract or theoretical; everything is just to the point, absolutely concrete and experiential. And yet, the most subtle dimensions of the spiritual plane are revealed; the unspoken is finally spoken…

Upcoming Retreats

Summer 2015, Europe

Germany retreat summer25th Aug – 7th Sep | Germany

Winter 2015, India

India retreat winter9th Nov – 19th Dec, | India

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Recently Added

August 20, 2015 | Article | Arrow of Time and the Law of Reverse Entropy

Why is there no going back in time, and why can we not know our future? Why does memory work backwards, but not forwards? Time plays a very important role as the very prerequisite for consciousness, recognition, and the presence of life in general. But it still seems a great mystery that time’s arrow has only one direction, from past to future. Is this a universal law or a merely a limitation in our understanding of time?

August 16, 2015 | Article | Space-time Continuum in Pure Subjectivity

Space is not just a container of reality but an integral aspect of it. If the physical universe is expanding, it is not that matter is expanding into pre-existing space, but rather that it is creating more space through its expansion. Time is not just a means by which we measure the progress of existence, from the past to the present and the future. Time is the very process of life itself: it is the continuum through which life unfolds its potential and manifests its purpose. Time and space are not actually separate aspects of reality. They are unified, and, in unison, they form what is called ‘space-time,’ which is the living, moving fabric of existence.

August 2, 2015 | Article | Real Time of Universal Evolution

People commonly perceive time as something that flows by like a river, manifesting inevitable change to all things. But what they seem to forget is that the one who is watching time is also flowing with it, meaning that we are part of the flow of that river, not just bystanders watching it from the shore. We are always inside the river of time.