The following audio recordings are available for download. Please note that these recordings are not ‘lectures’. They are not communications from mind to mind. These are teachings recorded at retreats during practice sessions in which all students sit with closed eyes in the state of meditation. The words do not arise from a personal intelligence, but from the inner dimension of truth and understanding. We recommend to listen to these recordings while sitting in meditation.

* * *

Please note, since the teaching is constantly evolving and changing, we recommend that you start with the most recent recordings available. Also, when listening to older recordings, take into account that some of the terminology used may carry a slightly different meaning than it does now. This pertains primarily (but not exclusively) to talks relating to consciousness.

To see important talks in order of subject, you may visit the teaching and practice pages.

November 2017, Retreat, India

Three Dimensions of the One Knower

2. Me - the Centre of Existence    
3. Turning Consciousness Back To Itself    
6. The Deeper Meaning of Being    
10. The Crucial Work With Boredom    
35. From Collective To Conscious Personality    
July 2017, Retreat, Germany

The Art of Self-Absorption

4. The Art of Seeking Inner Perfection    
10. Perfecting the Art of Non-Doing    
20. Levels of Subconscious Thinking    
21. Achieving Perfection In Inward Fusion    
July 2017, Retreat, Germany

Crossing the Personality Threshold

1. Beginning With the Fundamentals    
8. Crossing the Personality Threshold    
9. Awakening and Embodying Fundamental Me    
10. Three Dimensions of Attention    
May 2017, Retreat, Mexico

Knower - the Heart of our Existence

5. Awakening of Conscious Me    
6. Awakening of Pure Conscious Me    
7. Awakening of Fundamental Me    
8. Awakening the Outer Knower    
9. Mastering the Subconscious Mind    
11. Thinking From the Outer Knower    
13. The Second Level of Self-Absorption    
16. Merging Vs Fusion Vs Unification    
17. Conscious Breathing From Pure Attention    
18. Establishing the Depth of Being    
23. Crossing Over Threshold Personality    
24. Integrating Non-doing Into Practice    
26. The Principle of Circular Non-doing    
May 2017, Retreat, Portugal

Knower - the Heart of our Existence

3. The Unique Nature of Essential Me    
21. The Knower - the One, Ruling Me    
32. When the Knower Becomes the Known    
Live Streams,

January 2017, Retreat, India

Mastering the Art of Self-Absorption

5. The Intricacies of Awakening Conscious Me    
17. Mastering Surrender From Fundamental Me    
23. Opening the Depth of Being    
40. The Self-Absorbed Observer With Eyes Open    
41. Thinking From the Self-Absorbed Observer    
55. How To Master the Monkey Mind    
59. The Inner God of Pure Subjectivity    
75. The Three Dimensions of the Knower    
78. Inner Knower the Soul Within Us    
79. Love In the Dimension of False Observers    
86. Only Precise Understanding Liberates    
November 2016, Retreat, India

Illumination of the Essential Me

2. The Fundamental Elements of Essential Me    
7. Awakening Fundamental Me    
9. Holistic Practice With Essential Me    
13. The Pure Subjectivity of the Observer    
20. Aligning the Observer With Primary Me    
24. Relinquishing the Will of Presence    
25. The Absorption of Conscious Me In Itself    
26. Making the Relaxed Observer Conscious    
28. The Vertical Surrender of Primary Me    
30. The Monumental Step Into Conscious Me    
32. The Seven Pillars of Meditation    
36. Realizing the Divine State    
40. The Beauty of Thinking Consciously    
42. Activating Higher Contemplative Thinking    
48. Thinking From Fundamental Me    
52. Loving Our Soul More Than the Human    
54. The Complete Evolution of Personality    
55. Samadhi of the Observer In Essence-Me    
61. Lower and Higher Contemplative Thinking    
62. The Buoyancy of Intuitive Me    
67. Living Beyond Our Memories    
77. Free Diving Into Surrender    
83. The Identity of the Intuitive Observer    
84. Four Levels of Intelligence    
86. Surrender Into Being Beyond Letting Go    
89. Absolute Me - Absolute I - Primordial I    
90. Realizing the Depths of Primordial I Am    
93. Dimensions of Internal Samadhi    
99. Mastering the Tool of Self-Absorption    
101. The Tan T'ien of Pure Conscious Me    
103. Embodiment Vs Self Absorption    
106. Distinguishing Between Me and I    
111. Beyond the Duality Within Me is I    
Aug-Sep 2016, Retreat, Germany

The Five Centers of the Soul

2. Initiating the Work With Being    
3. Becoming One With the Exhalation    
6. The Meaning of Embodying I Am    
10. Unifying Heart and Being Dimensions    
15. Falling Asleep Through Pure Conscious Me    
28. The Complete Peace of the Sealed State    
33. Contemplation of the State of Absence    
August 2016, Retreat, Germany

The Fundamentals of Consciousness

1. Opening    
2. Meeting Oneself and Spiritual Maturity    
3. Mastering the Art of Self-Verification    
7. Where Does Our Me Exist?    
13. Mastering the Art of Perception    
15. Transcending Weakness On the Path    
16. Focused and Relaxed Recognition    
19. The Art of Embodying Pure Conscious Me    
June 2016, Retreat, Mexico

The Three Pillars of Consciousness

1. There is No Consciousness Without Me    
2. Realizing Essence-me As Conscious Me    
3. Discipline and Devotion In Meditation    
5. Activating the Observer From Conscious Me    
6. The Steps In Surrendering Essential Me    
8. The Art of Awakening Pure Consciousness    
11. Activating the Iron Will of Evolution    
13. Linking the Spiritual Heart With Being    
16. Developing Internal Multi-Recognition    
20. The Crucial Role of Spiritual Clarity    
22. Why We Awaken Pure Consciousness First    
25. Five Levels of the Observer    
26. Three Dimensions of Attention    
29. Contemplating the Sleep-Threshold    
30. The Art of Stopping the Mind    
31. Conscious Thinking and Self-Embodiment    
May 2016, Retreat, Portugal

Opening the Space of Pure Conscious Me

4. Opening the Central Channel of Surrender    
9. The Basics of Awakening Essential Me    
12. The Five Pillars of Meditation    
January 2016, Retreat, India

Diving into the Secrets of the Essential Me

1. Entering the Temple of Meditation    
2. There is No Path Outside of You    
3. The Perfect Complexity of Me    
4. Essence-me - the Seed of Creation    
6. Establishing Constant Recognition of Self    
7. Three Levels of Human Identity    
9. Transmutation of Me Into the Soul    
11. Embodying Our Inner Self    
15. Diving Into the Mystery of Me    
19. Surviving Death Through Actualizing Me    
21. True Nature of Spiritual Longing    
23. The Test For Eternal Life    
24. Is Humanity Evolving Spiritually?    
25. Crossing Over Threshold-Personality    
29. The Two Samadhi's of Conscious Me    
31. Does the Collective Me Have Free Will    
32. From Lower To Higher Personality    
34. The Spiritual Instinct For Our Real Me    
36. Essence Samadhi    
38. Awakening the Identity of the Observer    
39. Revealing I Am Within Essence Me    
41. The Nature of Incarnating In Creation    
42. The Truth of "Aham Brahmasmi"    
43. Moving From Doubt To Certainty    
44. The True Third Eye of Shiva    
46. Perfecting Our Horizontal Surrender    
47. Threefold Samadhi of Primordial I    
48. Horizontal Surrender With Eyes Closed    
51. Pure Me - 4th Eye of Shiva    
52. Seeing the World From the 4th Eye    
54. From Pure Me To Universal Me    
56. 3 Stages of Personality    
62. The Double-Focused Observer    
64. Drawing Energy Back With Eyes Open    
67. Meeting Our Identity Beyond Presence    
70. Lower and Higher Bare Attention    
74. Dissolving Fear In the Heart    
76. Conscious Me and Pure Conscious Me    
84. Staying Alert At the Sleep-Threshold    
88. The Heirarchy of Realizing I Am    
89. Four Dimensions of I Am    
91. The God's of Transcendental Subjectivity    
November 2015, Retreat, India

Pure Attention - the Art of Embodiment and Surrender

1. From Dullness To Inspiration    
5. Surrender is the Only Devotion    
15. Primal Recognition and Pure Attention    
16. The Rich Dimension of Pure Attention    
17. Shift of Identity    
18. The Art of Horizontal Surrender    
20. Empowering Consciousness    
23. The Five Absolutes    
25. The Levels of Embodiment    
27. The Mechanics of Embodiment    
28. How To Awaken Self-love?    
33. Surrendering Pure Me of Consciousness    
36. Contemplating the Art of Perception    
41. Embodying the Essence of Creation - Me    
43. Living Beyond Self-Reference    
51. Stabilizing Continuity of Pure Attention    
54. The True Meaning and Origin of Spirit    
57. Observer - the Inner Navigator    
59. Poetry of Spiritual Understanding    
62. Igniting the Light of Me    
August 2015, Retreat, Germany

Energetic Dimensions of the Soul

2. The Quantum Energy Body of the Soul    
4. Spiritual Evolution of Energy    
17. Subtle Dimension of Pure Attention    
22. The Levels of Surrender In Being    
23. The Inner Network of Pure Attention    
26. Realizing Pure Attention As Identity    
28. Energetic Dimension of the Heart    
33. Unification and Surrender of the Soul    
May 2015, Retreat, Greece

Returning to the Ground of Being

2. Being - the Foundation of Our Existence    
4. Going Beyond the Vital Force    
6. Three Types of Absence    
8. Cultivating Strength of Pure Me    
11. Establishing Bare Attention In Being    
15. Essential Me - the Heart of Attention    
23. Honoring the Light of Me    
24. The Human Qualities In the Soul    
January 2015, Retreat, India

Awakening of Essential Me

1. Retreat - Entry Into Pure Subjectivity    
3. Three Dimensions of Attention    
19. The Rainbow of Me In the Soul    
32. The Conscious Subonscious Observer    
34. Stabilization of Awakening    
38. How To Stop the Mind    
39. Awakening of Conscious Me    
42. Opening the Bottom of the Three Centres    
52. Shift of Identity Beyond Doubt    
53. Awakening of Universal Me    
54. Family of the Essential Me    
57. Pure Primordial Me    
58. Becoming the True Explorer of Reality    
60. Two Channels To Vertical Absence    
62. The Art of Resting In Conscious Me    
65. Revelation of Complete Consciousness    
69. The Observer Without Object    
November 2014, Retreat, India

Surrendering to Love and Being

3. The Pure Subjectivity of Being    
4. Reaching Perfection In Being    
5. Verifying and Empowering Consciousness    
6. Art of Complete Exhalation    
9. Awakening the One Who Surrenders    
10. Resting Beneath the Vital Force    
12. Seven Stages of Surrender    
14. From Pure Being To Non-Being    
15. Absolute State - the First Death    
19. Can the Absolute Be Lost?    
20. Absolute - Unity of isness and Absence    
22. Giving Birth To the Child of Absence    
25. Components of Empowering Our Light    
31. Purification and Healing of the Heart    
32. Heart At Peace    
34. Vulnearablity and Power of the Heart    
38. Heart - the Crossroads of Our Existence    
40. Art of Embodying Conscious Me    
44. Two Stages of Completion    
49. The Invisible Observer    
61. Art of Horizontal Surrender    
January 2014, Retreat, India

Awakening of Complete Consciousness

1. Honoring Time    
4. Clarity and Empowerment    
5. Inner Precision and Discrimination    
8. Who is Looking From Consciousness    
13. The Two Directions of Evolution    
14. Existing Beyond Self-reference    
15. The Temple of Conscious Me    
22. Empowering Our Consciousness    
26. The Nature of Subconscious Intelligence    
38. Conscious Transparent Thinking    
40. Transcending Excessive Self-protection    
47. Maturing Into Meeting One's True Self    
48. Knowing Oneself Beyond Self-inquiry    
53. The Remembrance of Our Future Self    
78. The Four Stages of Stabilization    
83. From Awareness To Conscious Awareness    
November 2013, Retreat, India

Mastering the Art of Absorption

31. Activating the Fire of Inspiration    
41. The True Reason Why Evolution is Gradual    
47. Three Dimensions of Suffering    
58. Awakening of the Conscious Me    
59. Guidance On How To Awaken the Heart    
60. The Hidden Dimension of Being    
63. The Vision of Wholeness    
69. Three Pillars of Practice    
72. Going Beyond Lack of Self-worth and Fear    
73. The Meaning of Complete Consciousness    
76. The Fixed Location of the Observer    
78. The Essence of the Soul    
June 2012, Retreat, Israel

Becoming the Light

1. Teaching of Higher Evolution    
3. The True Meaning of Beauty    
4. Dimensions of the Inner Work    
9. Beyond Effort and Passivity    
10. From Pure Me To I Am    
11. Meeting of Power and Vulnerability    
12. Who Abides In Consciousness? - 1    
13. Who Abides In Consciousness? - 2    
15. The Light of Inspiration    
16. Dependency and Aloneness    
17. Life Without Light is A Lie    
18. Going Beyond the Conflict of Identity    
19. Meeting of Love and Light    
20. There's No Love Without Awakening    
21. Why there's No Soul In Past Traditions    
22. Pure Me - the Substance of Wholeness    
23. Going Beyond Self-reference    
24. Self-image and Self-reference    
26. Totality - the Higher Spontaneity    
May 2012, Retreat, Israel

Transcending Fear

2. Evolution is the Constant Sacrifice    
4. Meditation is the Essence of Life    
8. Becoming One With Our Subconscious    
9. Trusting Universe    
10. From Physical To Spiritual Survival    
12. One-pointed Devotion To the Path    
13. Knowing Oneself Beyond Self-image    
17. Allowing - Beyond Non-doing    
19. Strength and Surrender    
22. Surrender From the Place of Strength    
23. Becoming One Self    
February 2012, Retreat, India

Embodying the Love of the Soul

2. Living From Within the Inner State    
3. Love is the Soul    
4. Meditation - the State of Intimacy    
5. Serving the Task of A Lifetime    
6. Who Can Survive Death?    
7. Devotion To the Soul    
8. Two Dimensions of Creation    
9. Surrender - Falling Asleep Into Clarity    
11. The Art of Me Moving Out of the Way    
12. Meeting of Awakening and Appreciation    
19. The Love of Our Life    
20. The Sacred Aloneness    
23. Energy Dimensions of Reality    
28. Twofold Surrender    
29. The Truth of Horizontal Absence    
30. Is there Love In Pure Me of Being?    
33. Surrender From Presence To Light    
38. The Heart of Intimacy    
39. Lower and Higher Survival    
40. Collective - the Prison of the Soul    
41. Healing is the Byproduct of Surrender    
45. The Retreat is Not Outside of You    
46. From Surrender To Strength    
47. We are the Guardians of Our Soul    
48. Evolution From Light Into Deeper Light    
49. Becoming the Warrior of Light    
51. Our Highest Contribution To Existence    
53. Aligning Subconscious With the Light    
56. Being Total    
57. The Divine Duality    
59. Are All Paths Leading To the Same Goal    
60. Transcending Our Evolutionary Past    
61. Our Light is Our Salvation    
62. Allowing    
63. The Temple of Spirit    
64. The Art of Waiting    
66. Renouncing Suffering    
67. Allowing Has No Object    
69. Being Available To the Unknown    
70. Becoming the One Who Embodies I Am    
72. Taking Responsibility    
73. Meeting of Devotion and Responsibility    
74. Slaying the Beast of the Subconscious    
75. Illumination Through Suffering    
76. Naked Reality    
January 2012, Retreat, India

Being One with Surrender

2. Journey Into Bliss Beyond Bliss    
3. Two Platforms of Surrender    
4. Being In the Center of Surrender    
5. The Inverted Sight    
6. Surrender To Shiva    
7. Love To the Beyond Through Oneself    
8. The True Strengh    
9. The Awakened Duality Within Me    
13. Inner Objectivity    
December 2011, Retreat, India

Samadhi in Love

4. When One is Not the Soul is    
5. From Precision To Surrender    
6. Bliss - the Sweetness of Me    
9. Meeting of Presence and Absence    
14. Arriving At True Peace    
15. Having Faith In One's True Nature    
16. Love - To Become One    
17. Only the Real Can Merge With the Real    
21. Surrender To the Absolute    
23. Gradual Merge of the Separate Self    
24. To Be is A Secret    
35. True Silence    
41. Empowering Our Surrender    
August 2011, Retreat, Israel

Evolution - Journey Into Love

2. Inspiration, Awakening and Karma    
3. Self-realization and Samadhi    
4. Merging Into Love    
5. Being One With the River of Evolution    
7. To Be the Soul    
8. Conscious Me - the Evolutionary Link    
9. New Phase of Teaching    
11. Devotion To the Light of I Am    
12. Meditation Rooted In True Passion    
13. Awakening - the Joruney of Pure Me    
14. Love-realization    
May 2011, Retreat, Israel

Awakening of Pure Me

2. Pure Me - the Missing Link    
3. Who is Awake?    
5. Pure Me of Being    
6. Empowering One's Inner State    
7. Pure Me of the Heart    
8. Being One With Evolution    
9. The Sacredness of the Retreat    
10. The Subtle Dimension of Simplicity    
12. Embodying the Essence of Being    
13. From Hell To Heaven    
14. Beyond Attention    
16. Evolution of Concepts    
17. The Journey Into Surrender    
19. The Hidden Truth of Just Being    
25. The Dimensions of Me    
27. Con-centration and Surrender    
28. Transparent Me and the Soul    
32. Awakening Our Divinity    
36. Transforming Our Perception of the World    
42. The Link Between Conscious Me and Pure Me    
43. Stabilization In Eternity    
45. The Three Doorways To the Beyond    
46. Can the Absolute State Be Lost?    
49. Embracing the Light of Me    
February 2011, Retreat, India

Horizontal and Vertical Doorways of Surrender

3. Exploring Horizontal Awakening    
7. Know Thy Self    
8. Wisdom of Gradual Awakening    
9. Absolute - the Closest Reality    
10. True Strengh is Based On Absence    
12. Two Levels of Clarity    
13. The Natural State of Surrender    
14. The Alchemy of Awakening    
15. Embodying the Soul    
18. Suffering and Beyond Suffering    
25. The Final offering of Me    
26. Three Dimensions of Suffering    
32. Surrender of Consciousness    
34. True Peace    
38. Freedom is Our Destiny    
43. Surrender To the Path of the Soul    
January 2011, Retreat, India

Freeing Soul from Personality

2. Time and Totality    
4. Restraining the False Self    
5. Revelation of Supreme Understanding    
6. Only the Soul Can Be    
8. Alignment of Me's Abidance In I Am    
9. Mystery of Awakening    
12. Me Falling In Love With I Am    
13. Time - Universal Gold    
15. Cutting off the Subconscious    
16. The True Meaning of Self-Worth    
17. The State of Gentleness    
18. Meditation - State of Love With God    
19. Unifying Consciousness With the Heart    
21. Three Pillars of Meditation    
22. Only Pure Me Can Merge With the Soul    
23. Our Real Beauty    
August 2010, Retreat, Israel

Dimensions of Surrender

2. Fulfilling Our Spiritual Potential    
3. The Highest Understanding    
4. Two Dimensions of Surrender    
6. Awakening is the Path    
7. Transcending Bordom    
8. Waking Up From the Waking State    
9. Consciousness and Energy    
10. Embracing Me-Consciousness    
11. The Path To Wholeness    
12. Transforming Mind Into Intelligence    
13. Meditation As A Space of Healing    
17. Realizing Our Divine Nature    
18. To Live From the Beyond    
19. Walking the Secret Path    
May 2010 weekend, Retreat, Israel

The State of Surrender

1. To Enter the Path is To Enter Life    
2. Awakening of Choice    
3. Just Meditating    
4. Abiding In True Heart    
5. Cutting Through the Mental Self    
6. Objective Path    
7. Confronting the Lower Self    
9. Surrender To the Center of Gravity    
May 2010, Retreat, Israel

The State of Surrender

3. Sensitivity To the Beyond    
5. Meeting of Consciousness and Energy    
6. Enlightenment Beyond Traditions    
7. Surrender From the Place of Strengh    
13. Journey Towards Purity    
16. Parallel Evolution of Me and I Am    
19. Meditation - the Truth of Oneself    
20. Transcending the Dimension of Me    
January 2010, Retreat, India

Merging Me with I Am

2. Awakening and Merging of Me    
4. Non-dual Self-remembrace    
5. Unravelling the Truth of Meditation    
6. Healing of Me    
7. The Healthy Role of Self-image    
9. The Art of Being In Consciousness    
14. The True Purpose of Human Existence    
15. Confronting the Shadow of Me    
16. The Truth of Just Being    
17. The Unity of Energy and Consciousness    
18. Awakening of True Intelligence    
19. Integration of Complete Consciousness    
November 2009, Retreat, India

Evolution into the Natural State

4. The Truth of Meditation    
7. Measure of Evolution    
8. Mystical States and the Natural State    
9. Absolute State - Diamond Mountain    
10. The Soul of the Heart    
11. Surrender of Consciousness    
12. The Right Spiritual Vision    
September 2009, Retreat, Israel

The True and Only Reason to Be

4. The Soul and Her Human Self    
6. Going Beyond the Mind    
7. The True and Only Reason To Be    
8. Embracing Our Human Self    
9. Dignity of Suffering    
10. Separation of Oneness    
11. Diving Into the Depth of the Heart    
12. Becoming True Consciousness    
13. The Soul's Intention    
16. Actualization of Goodness    
18. The Art of Surrender To the Absolute    
19. Surrendering of the Human Heart    
20. The True and Only Reason To Be    
May 2009, Retreat, Israel

The Great Remembrance

2. Being Awake    
3. The Reason To Be    
4. Absorbing Mind Into I Am    
5. Absorbing Mind Into I Am 2    
6. The Essence of Disidentification    
7. Awakening and Purification    
8. Obstacles In Meditation    
9. Returning To the Heart    
10. True Meditation    
11. Surrender To the Beloved    
12. Nurturing Pure Consciousness    
13. The Art of Meeting the I Am    
14. Transcending Self Image    
16. Shift of Identity Into Being    
18. Evolution Into the Natural State    
19. Freedom From Concepts    
20. The Sacred Heart    
21. Heart At Rest    
23. Opening the Closed Heart    
26. The Goal of Completion    
January 2009, Retreat, India

The Illumination of the Soul

6. Only the Real Can Be    
7. Cultivating the State of Presence    
8. Penetrating the Beyond    
9. Illumination of True Heart    
10. Solidification and Expansion of Self    
11. Surrender To the Intention of the Soul    
12. Meditation - the Ultimate Prayer    
13. Correct Abidance In Consciousness    
15. Transcending Sleep    
16. The Realization of Transparent Me    
18. Meeting of Clarity and Surrender    
21. Transmission and Pure Time    
22. Beyond Psychological States