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Welcome to Anadi Teaching. As the website and the teaching are extremely rich, we have created this page to help you navigate it.

About Anadi Teaching

This teaching is an answer to the sincere longing of the soul to meet itself, to remember her ancient and intimate identity of pure subjectivity. It presents a very profound and entirely practical guide for the holistic realization the soul in her unity with the beyond. To undertake such a journey, one must face the immense challenge of rebelling against the status quo of unconsciousness and ignorance, learning instead the subtle art and skill of evolving into one’s pure nature, in the dedicated and disciplined context of sitting meditation.

About Anadi

Out of his uncompromising devotion to truth, Anadi has created a rich and singular vision of the path which completely transcends one-dimensional, simplistic views of self-realization. Anadi has been teaching for over 20 years, and conducts regular retreats in India and Europe throughout the year . To discover more about him, you can read his autobiography here.

The First Steps

To follow this teaching is to enter a beautiful but complex journey. To help you know where and how to begin, we have created a step-by-step guide to facilitate your first engagement with it.


 Step 1: Getting acquainted with the teaching

The conceptual landscape of this teaching is very practical. Its purpose Is simply to guide you into the correct experience of yourself, of who you are. Because many of the concepts are unique and new, you need to start by gaining a basic familiarity with their meaning. This will, amongst other things, help you to get a clear sense of whether or not you resonate with the teaching. To gain this conceptual familiarity is also an essential aspect of preparing for a meeting with Anadi over Skype, should you wish to have one, and for attending one of our retreats.

Our website is a valuable resource of meditation talks, articles and videos, that have largely been created to help those who are encountering the teaching for the first time. It can be easy to either get lost in details, or to skim the surface with an approach that is too general and broad.

For the website to be a beneficial and efficient resource for you, these are the materials we recommend you to start with:


Map of Awakening:

The complete, step-by-step journey of the teaching is summarized on this page, including a diagram.



Consciousness is the foundation of the soul and the primary center of her identity. Establishing ‘pure consciousness’ is the first step for everyone who enters this path, and forms the foundation of our further evolution. To learn about the practice with consciousness, you can visit either the teaching page/consciousness or the practice page/consciousness.


The Concise Glossary

This teaching has developed a lot of its own language and terminology, and has also attributed unique meanings to many common spiritual terms such a consciousness, being, ego, self, and so forth. As such, we have created a glossary of terminology where each and every term is properly defined. The concise glossary is a shortened version of it, which has been edited down to contain only the most essential terms.



Anadi’s books, in particular The Divine Path of Me, are the best way to get to know the teaching from start to finish.


Later on, you can go on to explore the website further…

Step 2: Skype Meeting

In a world which has so little grace, and which so often falls in opposition to our sincere wish to grow into truth, the opportunity to meet a real spiritual teacher is an immense privilege, and an opportunity that is surely too important to pass by.

In a meeting with Anadi, you will receive personal guidance and a direct transmission, which can both initiate and accelerate your entry into the path, and into meditation practice.

Anadi regularly meets new students over Skype as part of the preparation to attend a retreat. If you would like to arrange a meeting with Anadi, you can read more about it here.


Step 3: Sitting

If you do not already do so, we recommend that you begin a regular, daily practice of sitting meditation following the principle of “shikantaza” – just being, or non-doing. In addition one should gently contemplate the nature of the mind while trying to separate one’s sense of ‘I’ from thoughts and to let go of those thoughts. A gentle work of surrendering into being and connecting to the heart can also be beneficial, as well as conscious breathing to the belly.

Introductory Meditations


Talk The Art of Awakening Pure Consciousness ReadListen
Talk Surrender from Pure Me through Pure Attention ReadListen


The Path

Talk Inner Knower: The Soul Within Us ReadListen
Talk Maturing into Adulthood within Pure Subjectivity ReadListen
Talk Activating Higher Intention Listen
Talk Meeting oneself - The Greatest of Challenges Listen


Step 4: Attending retreats


Attending retreats is an essential aspect of following this teaching. Following a regular schedule of sitting meditation and held in complete silence, these retreats provide the requisite support within which we can cultivate and further our inner realization and hone the skills of meditation. While our goal is to live as our real self at all times, to make a clear progress and break through the chains of the past, we need these times of intense practice in which we are entirely introverted and working diligently in the presence of Anadi’s light and guidance.

You can find more information regarding retreats with Anadi here.


Good luck

Hopefully this was helpful for you and that you will be able to benefit from this teaching.

Walking Meditation

Walking Meditation practice during retreat in Germany