Online Hall

To enter the Online Hall

What is the Online Meditation Hall?

The ‘Online Meditation Hall’ is a virtual meditation space which is available for students of the teaching at all times of day – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – including during retreats. Students can enter this space to sit in meditation while being connected to the pure silence of the hall, and to other students.

We run an ongoing schedule of formal sittings in the hall, of 4 sittings per day. During some of the daily sittings, recordings of Anadi’s are played. During other sittings, there is either music or silence. All the sittings begin and end formally, with the sound of three bells. Students are welcome to sit in the hall also in the times between formal sittings.

In terms of the recorded talks, we try to replay full retreats of Anadi’s from beginning to end, over the course of a few weeks. The space is open for all students who are registered with Anadi Teaching. The names of the students sitting in the hall at any given time is displayed at the bottom of the screen.

The Purpose of the Online Meditation Hall

The purpose of this platform is to provide an ongoing support for students between retreats, through offering a shared, sacred space for our practice.

This virtual space is designed to serve as a timeless and placeless teaching hall, to mirror the retreat hall when we are away from it.

Students are recommended to sit in the hall whenever they wish, and conduct their daily sittings there. Obviously this is not compulsory. However, there are clear benefits to having the support of this common space, which will carry the supportive energy of a meditation hall.

Live Stream with Anadi

Once every few weeks Anadi enters the hall and leads a real-time meditation, which is streamed live to all attendees. These special events are announced ahead of time via Anadi teaching mail and on the online hall schedule.

Register for Online Events

Upon registering for the online hall, you will receive a monthly subscription. The cost of the subscription is 10 pounds per month. All the proceeds from these subscriptions will be used to benefit students in our formal retreats.

Please note that ‘Live Streams with Anadi’ given in the online hall will require a separate registration and payment process, and will be conducted in the same virtual space.

To enter the Online Hall

Schedule of Live Stream Events

Skype Meetings with Anadi

Anadi is available for private meetings over Skype.

These meetings are available to everyone, but are being offered mostly to new students and to those who are unable to attend retreats or come and meet Anadi personally at the present time. However we wish to emphasize that being in Anadi’s direct presence and attending retreats regularly are indispensable for those who wish to walk this path and follow Anadi’s teaching. As such these Skype meetings, while valuable, should not be seen as a replacement for this.

If you would like to arrange a Skype meeting with Anadi you can write to

If you are a new student and this will be your first meeting with Anadi, please include with your request a brief background of your spiritual path and the reasons why you wish to have the meeting.

We advise that prior to your meeting, you will acquaint yourself with the basic elements of Anadi’s teaching including reading some of the relevant materials and listening to recommended recordings online.