The following is a selection of revelatory and important talks that Anadi has made in recent retreats. These talks are considered to be of crucial conceptual and practical value for students who are already following the teaching and wish to further their practice and deepen their understanding. Because much of this material is quite advanced, it requires a familiarity and grounding in the fundamental elements of the teaching. Therefore, if you are a new visitor, we recommend that you begin by listening to materials on the teaching and practice pages, which are designed to introduce its key concepts.

This teaching is constantly evolving. Therefore, take into account when listening that the concepts used may have subtly different meanings or connotations depending on when they were spoken. For the most up to date definition of terms, you may refer to the glossary page.

Germany 2017 Fundamentals Retreat

Walking the Path

From the Observer to the Knower

Internal Outer Knower

Essential Me

Dimensions of Attention

Doing and Non-Doing

May 2017 Retreat, Mexico

Recognizing the Observer

The Knower

The Outer Knower

Awakening of the Essential Me

Crossing Over Threshold Personality

Mastering the Subconscious Mind

Breathing from Pure Attention

The Art of Falling Asleep


Self-absorption vs Merging vs Fusion

Vertical Surrender

Awakening of the Heart

May 2017 Retreat, Portugal

Building Blocks of Consciousness

Essential Me

Self-Conscious Observer

Outer Knower

Awakening of the Knower


Fundamental Me

Translucent Knower

Art of Perception

Back Towards Immanency

Beyond Self-Reference

Progression and Regression

January 2017 Retreat

From Observer to the Knower

Fundamental Me

Pure Attention, Bare Attention and Me

Pure Me of Consciousness

Pure Self-Absorption

Walking the Spiritual Path

The Art of Practice

Shift of Identity

November 2016 Retreat

Awakening of the Essential Me

Awakening of the Observer

Conscious me

Awakening Fundamental Me

The Art of Thinking

The Journey of Essense Me

Primordial I

Mastering Self-Absorption

Intuitive Me: The Subjectivity of Intuitive Intelligence

Pure Subjectivity

Immanent I am

Illuminating the Subconscious

Perfecting Horizontal Samadhi

The Art of Perception

September 2016 Retreat

The Observer – Secondary Center of the Conscious Me

Differentiating between External and Pure Attention

Surrendering of Consciousness

The Complete Peace of the Sealed State

The Art of Falling Asleep

Four Steps of Meditation

Integration of Feeling Me

Five Centers of the Soul

Surrender of the Heart

Grace and Mercy

August 2016 Retreat

Getting in Touch with the Essence-Me

Awakening Pure Me of Consciousness

Art of Thinking

The Art of Perception

Vertical Surrender from both centers of Consciousness

Spiritual Intelligence

Embodying Pure Conscious Me

June 2016 Retreat

Awakening Pure Consciousness

Awakening Conscious Me

Surrender through the Essential Channel

Dimensions of Attention

Internal Multi-Recognition

The Realm of the Observer

Qualities of a Seeker

The Role of Spiritual Clarity

May 2016 Retreat

Awakening of the Essential Me

Surrendering Conciousness

Meeting Oneself

January 2016 Retreat

Awakening Pure Conscious Me

Beyond Presence – Correct Awakening of Bare Attention


Essence-Samadhi and Primordial I

Four Dimensions of I am

From Lower to Higher Personality

Horizontal Surrender with Eyes Open and Closed

Integration of Mental Work

Mystery of Essence-Me – Meeting our Real Identity


Seeing through the True Eyes of Shiva

Selective Reincarnation

Three Levels of Human Identity

Threshold-Personality – From Collective to Real Me

Watching the Thought-Threshold

Working with the Sleep-Threshold

January 2015 Retreat


Evolution of the Observer/ Awakening Conscious Me


Embodying Universal Subjectivity


Family of Essential Me




Vertical Evolution of Consciousness




November 2015 Retreat

Embodying our Light

Exploring the Dimension of Pure Attention

Self Intimacy and Self Love

The Art of Horizontal Surrender

Surrendering Consciousness

The Art of Perception

Getting in touch with the Observer

Empowering Consciousness

Surrender of the Personal to the Individual

Surrender and Letting Go

The Need for Discrimination