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A retreat with Anadi is a sacred event, a precious time to devote all of our energy and intention towards our innermost self. The retreat is conducted in complete silence of speech and mind. Within a daily schedule of sitting meditation, Anadi gives regular talks and one-on-one guidance. Those who gather for these events, many of whom dedicate their whole life to the path, do so with an attitude of complete sincerity and dedication. If it is entered with humility and an honest wish to open to the real, it will provide one with all the support that one needs.


What is Retreat with Anadi?

Retreat with Anadi aims at the multidimensional awakening of all aspects of our existence. While entering a retreat means to complete dedicate oneself intensely to the inner work, so that all the energy of our being and consciousness is channeled into the task of awakening, on a deeper level retreat opens the doorway to the inner realm. To be in a retreat is to step into the domain of existence that exists beneath the world of appearances, a vast ocean of the light of creation, and to begin to learn how to live in that space as our natural and original home.

To truly attend the retreat one must enter with one’s very soul, with complete respect and devotion, surrendering to the sacred and leaving behind the dust of the personal self so that the magic of transformation can happen.

Structure of the Retreat

Our retreats are held in complete silence of both speech and mind. They are structured around 6-7 hours of sitting and walking meditation per day, which we do as a group. In addition, to support and bring clarity to students in their individual practice, some private one to one meetings with Anadi are also given.
There are fitness and yoga classes held every few days in order to keep the body energized and supple to balance and support the long hours of meditation.

Schedule of Retreats

Summer Season 2017, Europe and Mexico

Portugal Retreat

14 Day Retreat
5th – 18th May, 2017
Casa Karuna, Portugal

*partial participation is possible. For more information click here

Mexico Retreat

10 Day Retreat
24th May – 2nd June, 2017
Agua Blanca, Mexico

*partial participation is possible. For more information click here


7 / 21 Day Retreats
6th – 12th July
6th – 26th July
Hofgut Rineck, Germany

*partial participation is possible. For more information click here

Winter Season 2017 – 2018 India

India Retreat Schedule

10 Day Retreat
9th November- 19th November
40 Day Retreat
9th November- 19th December
Corbett Park, India
10 Day Retreat
9th January – 19th January
40 Day Retreat
9th January – 18th February, 2018
Corbett Park, India

*partial participation is possible. For more information click here

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The Importance of Attending Retreats

A True Engagement with this Teaching

Many students study this teaching without meeting Anadi or attending the retreats. Even though they can benefit from this to a certain extent, it should be clear that a direct meeting with Anadi is imperative to engage with this teaching in a real and truly constructive way. The spiritual dimension is simply too complex and too subtle to be grasped through concepts alone. Through meeting a true, living teacher, one receives direct guidance, personal clarification and above all, initiation (opening of the doorway) to I am, which is the very essence of the path.

Indeed, it is vital to understand that without being initiated into I am, without having true access to the inner realm, any effort or practice is essentially wasted. Our entry to and growing relationship with I am is the very essence of the spiritual path. This entry cannot be achieved through one’s own efforts, however fervent or sincere. It is a function of grace, and on this plane, almost always happens through transmission from a qualified spiritual guide.

Moreover, it is common for seekers to come across this teaching and develop false interpretations of its content and essence. In this way, one ends up following one’s relative understanding of the teaching, rather than the teaching itself. In particular, it is tempting to translate the teaching through the lens of the tradition or traditions that one has up to now been following. One adapts our various concepts to the framework that one is used to, rather than opening one’s mind to a new type of understanding. Additionally, one may have access to an awakened state, but lack the ability to embody it and relate to it properly, thus limiting one’s ability to expand further into the inner realm. It is common to get stagnated on the path, and the correct guidance is essential to prevent one from stopping at a partial and incomplete realization.

Again, one needs proper, personal guidance and the support of a teacher in order to avoid these common pitfalls. Moreover, considering the potential obstacles and difficulties to be faced, one also needs the energetic support of the retreat environment, as well as the opportunity for intense and dedicated practice that it provides, in order to open to the profound gifts that this teaching has to offer.
In our path, the first step is the awakening of consciousness. This is the true beginning of the path, as it enables one to step out of the realm of ignorance and unconsciousness and into the realm of I am. Consciousness has to be properly transmitted by the spiritual guide. It then needs to be skilfully cultivated and embodied though the correct practice. This practice needs to be fully comprehended, otherwise the awakened state can be easily lost. Furthermore, if one is trying to practice by oneself without the proper skill, there is always a danger of falling into the wrong state or damaging the delicate energetic balance of consciousness.

It is often said that the first step on the path is the hardest. One needs to be humble and recognise that in order to take these precious initial steps, one needs to open to the the proper help, support and inspiration.

Talk Can Awakening be Transmitted through Recorded Talks? Listen

Preparatory Skype Meeting with Anadi

First-time participants are invited to schedule a Skype meeting with Anadi as preparation for the retreat. This meeting is highly important, as you will be receiving direct guidance and initiation into the proper practice. This will enable you to start your inner work prior to arriving to the retreat.

We advise that prior to your meeting, you will acquaint yourself with the basic elements of Anadi’s teaching including reading the relevant materials and listening to recommended recordings online.

In order to arrange a private Skype meeting with Anadi you can write to

Preparatory Practice for the Retreat for First-Time Participants

We recommend that you prepare thoroughly for the upcoming retreat in the following ways:

Creating the foundation of meditation practice

Based on the practice given to you in your Skype meeting with Anadi, it is important to follow a daily routine of sitting meditation. You should preferably sit at least two hours a day, morning and evening, to prepare your body, mind and energy system for entering the space of the retreat and for long hours of sitting.

Practice prior to meeting Anadi

Because practicing with consciousness can easily be counterproductive, we do not recommend that you begin this practice prior to being properly initiated and guided through a private meeting with Anadi.

Until such a meeting is conducted, we recommend that in the time leading up to the retreat you will sit in meditation on a daily basis, following the principle of “shikantaza” – just being, or non-doing. In addition one should gently contemplate the nature of the mind while trying to separate one’s sense of ‘I’ from thoughts and to let go of those thoughts. A gentle work of surrendering into being and connecting to the heart can also be beneficial, as well as conscious breathing to the belly.

Study of the teaching

It is essential to arrive to the retreat with a sound overall understanding of the concepts used in the teaching. This will help you to properly follow the personal and general guidance given in the retreat, and thus to gain the maximum benefit for yourself out of this sacred event. Therefore we recommend reading the available materials and listening to the recordings online, particularly those in The Teaching and The Practice pages in our web site.

Physical preparation

As the structure of the retreat includes daily 6-7 hours of sitting meditation, it is important to prepare the body by learning how to sit with the correct posture, as well as doing exercise and basic stretching or yoga. On registration day there will be a session offering sitting posture advice, where you will be shown how to sit comfortably and properly.

Should you have important questions relating to the above, or to your preparatory practice, you may write to Anadi at for guidance and advice.

Practical Information for the Next Retreat

5th – 18th May, Centro Karuna, Portugal

Arrival at the Retreat

Registration for the retreat will begin at 11:30 a.m. on the morning of May 5th, so please try to arrive by 11:00 a.m. at the latest. The retreat will end the morning of May the 18th after breakfast (most likely at 9:00 a.m.).


Centro Karuna,
Serra de Monchique,
(Please note that it is best to contact the center by phone)

00351 912221852
00351 912221857

Staying at Centro Karuna Before and After the Retreat

You are welcome to stay at the center for a few days before the retreat begins and for a few additional nights after the retreat has ended. However the centre has kindly asked us not to arrive earlier than the evening of the 2nd May, and preferably not before the morning of the 3rd May.

In general, if you are due to arrive either very late or very early, i.e. between 21:30pm and 7:00am, please arrange to stay overnight elsewhere and arrive at the center the next day.

The cost of staying in Karuna Center before or after the retreat is approximately 35 EUR per night in single or double room and 25 EUR per night for those staying in a tent. This cost includes meals.

Please e-mail, or phone, the center directly to make inquiries or bookings, and CC us in the correspondence. The payment for additional nights will be made to us during registration, rather than to the center itself.

If you wish to stay at the center and self-cater, the nearest village has some small grocery stores and is a 5 minute drive away. It is not very easy to get around unless you have a car.

Accommodation at Centro Karuna

The accommodation at the center is either in a single or double room. Both options are comfortable and simple. You may also sleep in a tent. Those choosing this option will need to bring their own tents as they are not provided by the retreat center. Shared bathrooms and showers will be provided for those staying in tents.


The closest airport to the retreat center is Faro International Airport, followed by Lisbon International Airport and Porto International Airport. From there you will need to reach the nearest major town to the retreat center, which is Portimao, from which the center can be accessed by a short taxi or bus/taxi ride.

Train tickets don’t need to be purchased in advance, as you can buy your ticket directly at the train station.

From Faro International Airport to Portimao:

You can take a train (2 hours) from Faro airport to the town Portimao. You can also reach Portimao from Faro by bus (approximately 10 EUR) or by taxi (approximately 80 EUR).

From Lisbon International Airport to Portimao:

You can take a train from Lisbon (Gare Oriente or Entrecampos train stations) to Portimão train station (approx. 30 EUR). Portimao can also be reached by bus (Entrecampos bus station to Portimao bus station, approx. 20 EUR)


When you have reached Portimão

From Portimão you can either get a bus to Monchique and then a taxi from there, or a taxi directly to the retreat center.

From both Portimão or Monchique, you may call the following taxi drivers, who know how to reach Karuna. A taxi will cost 25-30 EUR from Portimão to Karuna, or 8 EUR Monchique to Karuna. Tó: +351 917 612 201 (first option) Zé Nuno: + 351 963 087 831


Bus and Train Timetables:



Train tickets don’t need to be purchased in advance, as you can buy your ticket directly at the train station


What to Bring:

We recommend that you bring the following items to the retreat:

  • Meditation cushion (the center provides some cushions but they are not very comfortable) Please also bring a mat/cushion for your feet if you plan to sit in a chair and require one.
  • Flash light
  • Towel
  • Mosquito cream
  • Bathing suit (the center has a nice, small pond)
  • Personal mosquito net
  • Electricity multi-plug (since there are a very limited number of electricity sockets in the rooms)
  • Items to beautify your room ( shawls, flowervases etc. as the rooms are very simple )
  • Toiletries
  • Sun protection items (hat and sun cream)
  • Shawl and warm clothes (for evenings)
  • White clothes for the hall (while we recommend that you wear white in the hall, it is not obligatory. However, any clothes worn should be plain and not have strong images or lettering on them)
  • Yoga mat
  • Sport shoes
  • Home gym straps for exercise
  • Water bottle (for refilling in the resort’s water stations)
  • Watch
  • Vitamin C/Multivitamins
  • Ear plugs

Cost of the Retreat

Please email us with questions regarding rates and costs for the retreats.

If you have any questions regarding the above you are welcome to email us at