The Spiritual Path

In the dimension of forgetfulness, a human being lives fully locked within the claustrophobic walls of his psychological reality, his true nature veiled by mental states and emotional moods. He knows nothing beyond body and mind. He knows not reality. He knows not the way. The unreal is his domain. He lives in a dream state, tethered to the constant fluctuation of appearances, painfully disconnected from the unconditional refugeof the absolute principle. His desperate striving to find satisfaction and security in the realm of illusion only reinforces his self of separation and perpetuates his alienation from the source. Unless he starts to question the unreal and seek the real, he will find no way out of ignorance and no way into the consciousness of truth.

Beyond the turmoil of our phenomenal existence, beyond our insatiable search for happiness, lies hidden the great way, the inner way to our original state of wholeness and completion. Discovering the way, we finally realize the purpose of our creation and the meaning of our life on earth. Our true life as conscious existence dawns only the moment we awaken from the dream of the human mind and begin our journey into the heart of the self.

The great way is an opening in the plane of illusion through which the soul can return to a state of unity with the light, love and perfection of the god state. The great way is the inmost river of pure intelligence through which we journey into the infinite depth of universal subjectivity. It is the way of the self, by the self, through the self, to the self.

from Book of Enlightenment

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The Longing

The Inner Call

From a superficial standpoint, entering the inner path is a choice, a positive exercise of free will. But seen from a higher perspective, we actually have no choice. The spiritual path is the only antidote to the fragmented, unconscious and painfully ignorant state of human existence. To be imprisoned in the human mind in complete identification with the collective psyche defines spiritual amnesia and existential death. The mind may think that entry onto the path is elective, but the soul knows that the inner search is the only intelligent response to the indignity of unconsciousness.

The unconsciousness of each individual reflects the unconscious condition of humanity as a whole, and can be transcended only through the initiative of one who becomes conscious of his capacity to evolve beyond the collective mind. This shift in the perception of our purpose on earth emerges from the core of our primordial consciousness. We cannot enter the spiritual path unless we are summoned by our soul, called by a remembrance of our destiny arising from the innermost recesses of our being.

Although eternally present, the inner call is remembered and actualized in our conscious mind only when our spiritual intelligence is awakened. Spiritual intelligence — the highest kind of intelligence — is not mind-based, but rooted in our sensitivity to the realm of pure subjectivity. It is this silent wisdom of the self that allows us to recognize the call of the soul. Only our essence can hear the inner call and reveal the innate knowing of our evolutionary purpose.

Longing for Light

When the inner call is recognized, it naturally gives rise to spiritual longing. To evolve to the point where we can identify our longing for the self is itself a sign of awakening, because it indicates that we have matured enough to rebel against our fundamental unconsciousness. A profound thirst for spiritual fulfillment has been activated — a thirst not of the earth-plane, but of the beyond.

This dimension has been designed to veil the true reality and seduce the soul into a state of forgetfulness. All our thoughts, concerns, disturbed emotions and infinite desires are actually the tentacles of lower intelligence holding us captive in the plane of ignorance. We begin our spiritual journey in this darkness and gradually move towards light. Even though our inner longing initially lacks clarity, it sets in motion our future split from the realm of forgetfulness.

The light of the self has a magnetic force that naturally pulls all souls to its source; however, it is our yearning and our yielding to that light that make the miracle of illumination possible. In its nascent stages, our inner yearning is vague and fragile, and can easily be disturbed, if not obliterated, by the forces of ignorance. Only with practice, guidance and the passage of time, can this spark of spiritual intuition be transformed into the light of clarity, true under¬standing and unbroken certainty.


from Book of Enlightenment

The Soul

Your light is your treasure, is your salvation, is your way out of that prison of the dimension of suffering. Complete devotion to awakening of that light, to empowering of that light, to its complete actualization is to be one with our higher will, the will of our soul, our true intelligence, our true wisdom – the wisdom, the intelligence, that does not need to discriminate or think. It has no doubt. It is choiceless.

Unless you become one with your original pure nature, with your light, with your dignified higher self, your life is wasted. The majority of humans who live in this dimension – even if they did not live, there would not be much difference, because they are one with the insignificance of unconsciousness. They have embodied the lower intention. To be born is not enough in order to live. To live is to engage in realization and fulfillment, of the very reason of our creation. That’s why the human condition is full of suffering; it’s to remind us that there is something more, there is a purpose behind it.

The moment we begin to honor the work of a lifetime, the magic begins. And that which is called life is no longer outside, we begin to be embraced by the whole of existence, since we are the true children of life. To serve actualization of our light is to serve life, because that’s why life was created.

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