The Teaching of Anadi is a revelation of supreme understanding, a breakthrough vision of human enlightenment based on multidimensional evolution into wholeness and transcendence. Emerging from the intelligence of the now, the teaching transcends concepts of enlightenment that live in traditions of the past, revolutionizing our perception of the spiritual path. Subtle and challenging in nature, it is directed to sincere seekers of truth, those few who strive for complete understanding and realization.

The essence of this path is the awakening of the inner state, realization of the soul, transformation of consciousness and surrender into the beyond. The gradual unfoldment of the awakening process as taught by Anadi is rooted in the self-knowledge, soul-remembrance and the art of meditation.


It is important to emphasize that the teaching of Anadi is not another expression or interpretation of past truths. It is an entirely new teaching, revealing understanding of the spiritual reality and technology of human evolution that has never existed before.
Anadi is able to speak about the unspoken, bringing astonishing detail to the most subtle and hidden dimensions of the inner realm and process of awakening. He speaks about the two fundamental aspects of inner unfoldment: awakening and surrender, self-actualization and transcendence.

We cannot surrender into existence before our higher individuality is birthed within the shell of the mental self; our sense of self needs to be solidified through embodying the light of me. The more our me is awakened and merged into the soul, the more we can enter the realm of surrender and samadhi, merging all the layers of our existence with the supreme reality. And yet, the more we are merged with the light of creation, the more who we are as the reflection of the beloved can become its ultimate self.

Journey into the Unknown

A spiritual teaching that is not a reflection of pure truth can either oversimplify that which is complex in nature, due to not being able to see or grasp this complexity, or can complicate that which is fundamentally simple, due to not being able to see or grasp that simplicity. The ongoing evolution of this teaching is based on complete devotion to represent the truth as it is, with absolute honesty and penetrating intelligence; when it is complex, to show that complexity in its deepest, most secret detail; when it is simple, to show that naked simplicity free from the faults of the mind.

To follow this teaching is a journey into the unknown. One does not have the false security of following a perception of reality or concept of the spiritual path which is already set. This teaching is a constant revelation, an enfoldment of truth into the future, yet more complete understanding. Anadi is not a teacher who expounds past knowledge, whether of other traditions or his own; he is an open door for the truth to move through him into this dimension. His constant inquiry into the nature of reality is not a function of mind but of pure intelligence and love. Anadi describes the inner world and each step on the path with unbelievable precision and practicality. Nothing here is abstract or theoretical; everything is just to the point, absolutely concrete and experiential.

Where others remain silent in the face of not having the tools to describe the realms beyond the mind, other than using clichés or empty poetry, is where this teaching begins.

Map of Awakening

The map presented below is a very condensed description of the awakening process that is extensively and fully explicated through the teaching of Anadi. Not all the states of awakening are mentioned here, nor do they always manifest in the same sequence. However, this model does provide the necessary framework within which to grasp the fundamental laws of the awakening process. Read more.

The Diagram of the Map of Awakening


Three Doorways of I Am


Two Pillars of Complete Consciousness

The evolution of consciousness goes through many crucial stages, all of which need to be fully comprehended and experientially realized through correct, intelligent practice. In addition, we must have the correct vision of the multidimensional nature of complete consciousness. We can divide complete consciousness into two main pillars, which are the two dimensions into which it fundamentally evolves – pure me and essential me. Read more

Awakening the Inner and Outer Knower: the Sun of Consciousness

What makes consciousness conscious? Consciousness is the experience of luminosity, but what gives rise to this luminosity? It is like asking what creates the daylight. The answer is hidden in the most secret recesses of our consciousness, in the essence of its pure subjectivity. To realize this answer is to realize the knower, the one who knows everything in both our internal and external reality. The knower is the center of our intelligence, and without intelligence, consciousness cannot be conscious. Read more

Dimension of Pure Me

Pure Me of Consciousness

If pure me of consciousness is not realized, we can never truly merge with universal consciousness. Pure me of consciousness is the innermost extension of essence-me into I am; it is the one who reaches unity with the universal consciousness. Read more

Pure Consciousness

Pure consciousness is the unity of pure me and I am. As we cultivate horizontal surrender, we ultimately arrive at the state of absence or samadhi in universal consciousness while simultaneously embodying pure me as the consciousness of the soul. This is the state of pure consciousness. Read more

Dimension of Essential Me

Awakening the Inner Knower

The inner knower is the true center of our soul, the very core of our existence. He is also the primary identity of the outer knower, which is his extension into creation. Awakening of the inner knower and its complete transformation is the highest purpose of the spiritual path and of our life on earth. The evolution of the inner knower is complex and intricate and requires complete understanding of the dimension of the essential me. Read more

Self Conscious Observer to Conscious Me: Awakening the Inner and Outer Knower

Our evolution into essential me begins with the awakening of the self-conscious observer and conscious me, which are the bare attentions of the outer and inner knower. The observer is the initial expression of the outer knower, before it is awakened to its own subjectivity. The outer knower is the outer layer of essence-me and the center and identity of external attention and of our conceptual intelligence. When the primary center of essence-me awakens to its own pure subjectivity, it is what we call ‘conscious me.’ Read more

Pure Attention

Pure attention is responsible for awakening not only the pure me of consciousness, but also pure me of being, pure me of the heart, pure conscious me and of course, essence-me itself. It is pure attention which emanates from the kernel of essence-me to awaken the subjective core of all five centers of the soul. Read more

Pure Conscious Me

The awakening of pure conscious me is of great importance because without it, conscious me would never be able to transcend the dimension of presence. Pure conscious me is actualized through the vertical surrender of pure attention from conscious me, through which conscious me begins to create a bridge with absence. Read more

Primary Me

Once one has awakened both conscious me and pure conscious me, these two centers are commonly experienced too separately, meaning there is a gap between the identity of essence-me (conscious me) and its being (pure conscious me). To bridge this gap conscious me has to profoundly relax into pure conscious me so that essence-me becomes absorbed into its being. Read more

Fundamental Me

Fundamental me is the pure me of pure conscious me. It is a further extension of conscious me, this time into exclusively vertical surrender. It is fundamental me that opens the vertical portal to absolute I am for essential me and creates the foundation of samadhi. Read more

Transparent Outer Knower

The transparent outer knower is an important first step in aligning the outer knower with the deeper centers of essential me. It arises from the foundation of fundamental consciousness, where the four centers of consciousness (pure me of consciousness, fundamental me, pure conscious me and conscious me) are all embodied. Read more


Consciousness alone cannot enter the inner realm unless it becomes absorbed in the stillness of being. Being is that which enables us to rest in existence – the intermediary space that links consciousness with the source and maintains the gravitational equilibrium between creation and the original void. As both the impersonal ground of the beyond and the true foundation of meditation, it is being that allows the depth of reality to be divulged to our consciousness. Read more

Pure Me of Being

Pure me of being is the one who rests and reaches absorption in being, the subject to the experience of being. Unless pure me of being is awakened, the energy of being is external to our identity and cannot be embodied. Through its awakening, pure me of being allows us to integrate the state of being into the identity of the soul. Read more


The heart belongs to the realm of the beloved, love and grace. No one can reach completion without actualizing its essence. While the opening of the spiritual heart is necessary to reach wholeness, it is impossible unless we have first solidified our identity beyond the mind and become absorbed in the source. Paths that limit their view of spirituality to love and devotion cannot serve as a bridge to reality unless they are grounded in consciousness and being. Read more

Human Heart

The human heart is the doorway to the heart of the soul. The essence of the human heart is feeling me, which can be experienced in a subconscious, semi-conscious or conscious way. Feeling me is the subject of human feelings such as sadness, pain and love. When it is subconscious, it is fully identified with these feelings. As it evolves, it comes closer to feeling itself as me, the very subject to all these feelings. This is the beginning of the complex process of the awakening of the heart. Read more

Pure Me of the Heart

Feeling me is responsible for opening the energetic doorway to the spiritual heart, but the essence of our higher heart is pure me. It is through the awakening of pure me that our heart can be realized as our pure subjectivity and embodied as our very soul. Read more

Samadhi of the Soul

Two Channels of Vertical Surrender

In order to have a clear vision of the intricate process of reaching complete samadhi, we must understand that there are two channels of surrender to the source. We call these the central channel and the essential channel. Read more

Central Channel

Absolute State – Samadhi of Being

In the realization of the absolute, the soul transcends the fluctuations in her experience of being and moves into a state of unbroken rest. In the pure rest of the absolute, the motionlessness of being reflects the perfection of universal stillness. The absolute state represents our union with the unborn, uncreated source. It is the ground of oneness through which we reach unconditional absorption in the beyond. Read more

Divine State – Samadhi of the Heart

For our heart to become complete beyond realization of its essence it must be absorbed in the dimension of being and merge with the absolute. To actualize its divine nature, the heart must be rooted in the unmanifested. Only from the place of absence our individual heart can be unified with the divine dimension and realize the state of love. When merged with the absolute, the heart reaches the condition of pure rest, exalted repose in the heart of the beloved. Read more

Absolute Consciousness – Samadhi of Pure Consciousness

Absolute consciousness can be seen as the third entry into the absolute, after being and heart, where the consciousness of the soul shifts into the dimension of absence. Here, for the first time, our consciousness moves into the domain of the source and creates the firm base of surrender and absence for all the remaining aspects of consciousness to transcend the dimension of presence. Read more

Essential Channel

Vertical Samadhi:

Fundamental State

The fundamental state is reached through the complete surrender of fundamental me into the absolute; it is the unity of fundamental me and absolute I am. The realization of the fundamental state is in some ways similar to the realization of pure consciousness. In both cases, the doorway to I am needs to be opened, and then pure me needs to be awakened, embodied and merged with I am. Read more

Absolute Pure Conscious Me

Once the fundamental state is established, conscious me comes to be indirectly linked to absence through the identity of pure conscious me. In order to open the way to absence for conscious me, pure conscious me must first of all begin to surrender from its own center of pure subjectivity into the source to reach vertical samadhi. Read more

Evolution of the Inner Knower into Internal Samadhi:

Absolute Knower

The surrender of conscious me, which is the identity of the inner knower, is a process of deeply letting go from the very core of our existence, that must be balanced by the continuous embodiment of conscious me as the subjectivity of the one who surrenders. The unity of conscious me with the absolute I am, via the merging of conscious me with absolute pure conscious me, is called the ‘absolute knower’. Read more

Evolution of the Outer Knower into Samadhi:

Translucent Knower

The is outer knower in samadhi in the inner knower, or ‘sealed state,’ is what we call the ‘translucent knower.’ The translucent knower is the secondary center of essence-me arising from the absolute knower. The translucent knower is fully unified with our soul and is one with the light of our pure nature. Read more

Further Evolution of the Inner Knower:

Fundamental Knower: Fundamental Samadhi

The inner knower has to merge with fundamental me, manifesting what we call ‘fundamental samadhi’. In the merging of the absolute knower with fundamental me, the knower is transformed into the ‘fundamental knower.’ The fundamental knower is a stage between the absolute knower and primordial knower. Read more

Primordial Knower: Essence-Samadhi and Realization of I

Essence-samadhi, as the name implies, is samadhi in essence-me. While essence-me has been the identity of the inner knower all along, its very core has been beyond the reach of that inner knower. he fundamental knower provides the platform of perfect vertical absence upon which that core of essence-me can finally be penetrated through the self-absorption of the inner knower in essence-me. Read more

Immanent Knower: Immanent Samadhi and Realization of Immanent I am

That which is not me and not I, the subtlest, the unseen and inherently beyond – that is our original self. The immanent knower is the one who realizes our deepest immanency, the final answer to the question ‘who am I?’ Read more

Transcendence is Immanence

It is common to perceive the concept of transcendence as going ‘beyond’ or dissolving our me into a condition of impersonality. However, the true doorway to transcendence is not outside of who we are – it is within, within our essence-me. Read more

Evolution in Perfection

Emancipated from being lost in her human identity and earthly consciousness, the soul returns to the abode of universal intelligence and, from the depths of original absence, reclaims the light of her primordial presence. But while it is the end of her earthly journey, by actualizing her original self, the soul begins the new era of her evolution and existence – in the beyond. Read more

State of Wholeness

While past traditions of enlightenment have seen liberation from the false as the highest spiritual achievement, from the viewpoint of this teaching it is the positive expansion into the real that defines the depth of our evolution. The state of wholeness describes the supreme purpose of this expansion, at the heart of which lies the complete awakening of the soul’s original identity.

The soul’s awakening and actualization of wholeness must be founded upon awakening of the inner knower and her expansion into the inner states, which serve as both the space of her abidance and as doorways to the ultimate reality. In the context of her expansion in the inner realm, the inner knower awakens more and more deeply her own pure subjectivity, a process which facilitated by both her internal and external samadhi.

Within this process, the human consciousness must also be aligned with the soul.

The human needs to reach a high level of purity and integrity so that he may serve as a suitable vehicle for her awakening and transcendence. Through his surrender to the intention of the soul, the human reaches a final level of healing and purification, thereby becoming complete and fulfilled on all levels.

To become whole is to become a divine being, free of any sense of incompleteness, emancipated from the personality and absolutely one with existence.

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Two Dimensions of Evolution

In our inner journey, there are two fundamental spheres that must be completed. The first is our relationship with our own self, our own soul – embodying who we really are in our eternal existence. The second is our relationship with the source of creation, with the ground of being, the mystery of the beyond.  These two spheres must reach perfection – the perfection of our true self and the perfection of surrender, absorption, unity, samadhi.

Becoming who we truly are or who we are destined to become, as the reflection of the beloved in the dew drop of sacred individuality is one side of our fundamental purpose.  The second side is our transcendence of separation, surrender into the light of creation and return to the state of one god.

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The Light of Me

The Erronous Negation of Me

There is a false and deeply rooted notion running through the history of human spiritual traditions that the enlightened state is purely impersonal – ‘no one’ experiences reality, for that state implies the dissolution of the personal self, which is commonly called ego. From the viewpoint of this teaching that denial or negation of the individual essence of human consciousness – that which we call ‘me’ – is not only false, it is spiritually harmful and highly unintelligent as it jeopardizes the chance to awaken to our very soul.

Me is who we are; without me, there is simply nothing. It is the essence of human individual consciousness, and it is from the outset of the path to its culmination and completion, the very subject to spiritual evolution. While it exists in the state of ignorance, me is synonymous with ego-consciousness – it is indeed the very essence of the false self. However, it is the destiny and ultimate purpose of that me to realize its divine nature through the awakening of essential me and pure me that occurs in conjunction with its surrender to the transcendent I am and reaching samadhi in the supreme reality.

That which we call the soul is the meeting between two lights: the light of me and the light of I am. When these two lights become one light, that is the soul. To deny me, to negate our individuality, is to deny our divinity, for me is ultimately the divine inside us.

When the impersonal essence of our existence is awakened, and the access to the beyond is opened, we begin to realize the higher purpose of me – its constant living surrender into the light of I am. This surrender constitutes the most profound relationship of love between me and I am which leads to their union, the state of love. The consciousness of the state of love is our soul.

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Pure Subjectivity

Pure subjectivity is an important term that points to the correct realization of our true nature. What is subjectivity? It is the experience of being a subject. In ignorance, the subject exists only through its continuous involvement in the psychosomatic stream; it has no existence of its own in separation from what it thinks and perceives. When you realize your pure subjectivity, you begin to know yourself independently of whatever your external attention perceives; you become a reality unto yourself.

Most seekers and teachers who are ‘awakened’ do not experience pure subjectivity. Rather, they experience a condition of expansion into one of the energetic states beyond the mind. But this is not what we mean by the term ‘awakening’. Awakening is the recognition of and meeting with our pure subjectivity, which we also call ‘the light of me’. It is me that possesses the characteristics of pure subjectivity.

Pure subjectivity has two dimensions: individual and transcendent. Individual subjectivity is the light of me embodied, the identity of the soul. Since our soul has seven centers, all of them must be realized as pure subjectivity for us to become complete. Transcendent subjectivity on the other hand is the ultimate reality, the I am of the supreme self. There are three dimensions of the subjectivity of the supreme self: universal I am, absolute I am and primordial I am. To realize complete samadhi is to reach unity between one’s individual subjectivity and the subjectivity of the beyond.

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Three Centers of the Soul

Our pure nature is a reality in and of itself. It is a landscape of pure subjectivity that is composed of the three main centers of the soul: consciousness, heart and being. These three centers are the building blocks of our higher identity that need to be actualized through awakening. Consciousness represents the power of recognition and clarity. It is our true presence and the base for the evolution of our intelligence. Being is the foundation of the soul in the inner. It is our foothold in reality, and our first entry into the unmanifested source of creation, the dimension of the absolute I am. Heart is the seat of the soul, and her divine aspect of pure feeling and love.

Each center of the soul is both a center of our higher individual identity, and a doorway to the beyond. Firstly, each center needs to be energetically awakened, to open the space in which me can abide. Then we must awaken the essence of pure subjectivity in each center, me, and meet it as our very self. To realize our consciousness properly we must awaken and embody our pure subjectivity of both pure me and essential me: this is the true meaning of ‘awakening’ in consciousness. Then we must embody our being through pure me of being, and realize our very essence in the heart as pure me of the heart.

Once our pure subjectivity is established, we must then begin to surrender through each center to reach unity with the beyond, what we call ‘samadhi’ in the supreme self. Through surrendering into being we realize the absolute source, through surrendering into the heart we realize the divine dimension, and through surrendering into consciousness we realize universal and absolute consciousness. The soul is like a rainbow of me that lives and evolves into its pure subjectivity and then merges with the transcendent subjectivity of the beloved.

Through the complete realization of consciousness, being and heart, we create a solid ground of unbroken abidance beyond the mind upon which we can awaken our soul and transcend the dimension of illusion. Each aspect of awakening represents a different mode of expansion in our journey towards wholeness, being both a distinct segment of the soul’s identity and a doorway of transcendence to the beyond. To enter the plane beyond the mind with wisdom and a higher purpose, we must understand the multifaceted nature of the inner realm and the tools of awakening and surrender which we must employ to give birth to it.

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The realization of consciousness is the foundation of the soul’s awakening, her entry into reality and emancipation from the construct of the mind. Without having access to the pure subjectivity of consciousness, a seeker has no chance to arrive at higher levels of evolution, for his or her identity and intelligence will be too entangled in the mire of forgetfulness.

The awakening of consciousness goes through several stages but it starts with giving birth to the secondary identity of the inner knower, pure me of consciousness, that opens the space of transcendence. Then, the knower has to be realized directly through recognizing the sense of me of the observer and then practicing self-absorption. The main center of the knower is conscious me, which is the bare attention of the inner knower. To become complete, the inner knower has to additionally reach vertical samadhi through pure conscious me and fundamental me, and through internally merging with its core of essence-me. He also has to awaken, integrate and unify the outer knower so that his reflective intelligence and human consciousness can be merged with the soul.

So as we have said, our first step is to awaken pure me of consciousness. Pure me of consciousness is a secondary center of the inner knower, which represents her extension into universal I am. It is the horizontal depth of consciousness based on which we can realize who we are beyond the mind and perceptions. The awakening of pure me signifies our first entry into reality, and the birth of our higher me: here we have taken the first step in putting an end to the ignominy of forgetfulness.

Essence-me, which when awakened becomes what we call ‘conscious me’, is the very core of our individuality, the deepest center of our presence, the source of attention; it is the very identity of the inner knower. Through its awakening we realize the pure subjectivity behind our ordinary sense of identity, the observer.

Then, pure conscious me and fundamental me are the extensions of conscious me into vertical surrender. They serve to support both the internal and vertical surrender of conscious me, as well as the transformation of the outer knower.

The understanding of consciousness in current and past teachings is largely abstract and philosophical, and bares very little connection to reality. Because no seeker or teachers have yet discovered the knowledge of the five centers of consciousness, the spiritual community is completely confused and lost. It is time to transcend this collective spiritual ignorance by getting in touch with who we truly are and realizing complete consciousness as our multidimensional self.

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Consciousness alone cannot enter the inner realm unless it becomes absorbed in the stillness of being. Being is that which enables us to rest in existence. It is the intermediary space that links consciousness with the source and maintains the gravitational equilibrium between creation and the original void. As both the impersonal ground of the beyond and the true foundation of meditation, it is being that allows the depth of reality to be divulged to our consciousness.

Being is felt as a vertical absorption and deep restfulness, with its main energy flowing downwards. The primary means to reach and deepen the experience of being is the practice of sitting meditation, where we are breathing through the belly, and letting go with exhalation through the center of tan t’ien. In this way we open up to the gravity of the now so that the energy of the soul can be absorbed into the state of repose.

In order to truly evolve into being, we must then awaken the pure subjectivity of being, the pure me of being. Unless being is realized as our identity, we will keep relating to it as something external to who we are, as the mere space in which we are resting. Furthermore, through awakening pure me of being our surrender can become truly empowered because we have embodied the identity of the one who surrenders.

Although it anchors us in the now, the experience of being does not have the quality of complete, unconditional rest prior to the realization of the absolute state. In the shift to the absolute, the inner void of the unmanifested opens up and we fall into the other side of the now, reaching complete freedom from the dimension of presence and unconditional, perfect rest.

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The heart belongs to the realm of the beloved, love and grace. No one can reach completion without actualizing its essence. While the opening of the spiritual heart is necessary to reach wholeness, it is impossible unless we have first solidified our identity beyond the mind and become absorbed in the source. Paths that limit their view of spirituality to love and devotion cannot serve as a bridge to reality unless they are grounded in consciousness and being. Without the foundation of the inner state, the heart has no reality apart from emotion. In order to open us to the dimension of the soul and the divine, the heart must be met beyond emotion in a space of clarity and stillness.

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Two Pillars of Consciousness

Our holistic consciousness is composed of two main centers: pure me and essential me. Pure me is our identity born from our surrender into universal I am through the portal at the back of the head. Pure me is experienced at the back of the physical head and, when in samadhi, slightly behind it. Essential me the flowering of the identity of the inner knower, essence-me, which is located at the very front of the forehead. Essence-me is the subjective identity of the inner knower. To awaken the inner knower, its subjectivity of essence-me must be recognized and embodied, thereby awakening what we call ‘conscious me’. Conscious me is the inner center of our intelligence and the very core of our higher identity. The awakening of conscious me has to be supported by awakening of both pure conscious me and fundamental me, which are the vertical extensions of conscious me that link it with absolute I am. Pure conscious me is experienced just below conscious me, at the bottom of the forehead. Fundamental me is awakened lower down, towards the upper cheekbones, and settling at the lower cheekbones.

The unity of the five centers of consciousness (pure me, fundamental me, pure conscious me, conscious me or the inner knower, and the outer knower) is what we call ‘fundamental consciousness’. After fundamental consciousness has been awakened and integrated with our mind and perceptions, it has to then further its vertical evolution to reach unity with the source. Pure me and essential me surrender vertically through different and distinct channels. Pure me surrenders through the central channel which runs from the middle-to-back of the head downwards, through the heart, into tan t’ien, which is the portal to the absolute. The essential channel runs from the front of the head directly into tan t’ien. When we reach unity with the source through both of these channels, we have realized a complete vertical samadhi.
Headspace Diagram S

Pure Me

Awakening of pure me is our first step in the realization of the soul. Pure me is a secondary center of the inner knower, which serves as the existential bridge between the personal and the impersonal, between the dimension of me and the universal I am. Through pure me, the universal I am can be embodied as our higher self, our sacred individuality. Though simple in its essence, the realization of pure me is difficult to grasp and as such is virtually unknown. Meeting pure me is a flowering of a deep intimacy with our true nature.

The realization of pure me of consciousness is our first level of transcendence. Finally, we step into the dimension of our inner self that lies entirely beyond personality and the sense of self that is defined by the mind.

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Essential Me

Essential me is a dimension of the soul composed of several centers, the heart of which is essence-me. Essence-me is the core-identity of the knower. The awakening of essential me is the most important task in the evolution of the human soul, that which allows us to enter the seat of our original self and become truly conscious. Through embodying essential me and journeying into its innermost depth of immanent I am, we ultimately become one with the very source of our consciousness.

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The Knower

Who is the knower? The knower is the one who is conscious of anything and everything, but above all, of himself.  He is the center of our intelligence and the center of our soul.  The knower has two dimensions, the inner knower and the outer knower. These two dimensions have two different functions. The inner knower is the primary identity of the knower, the one which exists entirely in relation to pure subjectivity through the vehicle of pure attention.  The outer knower is the vehicle of external attention, the center of reflective intelligence and the mind, and the center of our human consciousness.

Evolution of the Knower Diagram

Evolution of the Knower Diagram

The Knower’s Evolution – Internal Perspective

Knower's Evolution - Internal Perspective

Inner Knower

The inner knower is the internal dimension of the knower, and the owner and navigator of pure attention. It is the inner knower that awakens our longing for self-remembrance and actualizes all the centers of our inner being. The inner knower is the link between immanent I am and essence-me, and the link between essence-me and the outer knower. Only when the inner knower is activated can we be said to have entered the spiritual path; there is no path without the inner knower.

The inner knower is activated before it becomes awakened to its own subjective identity, which is conscious me. At this stage, he is awakening other centers of the soul, centers of pure me, while remaining himself unconscious. In order to realize himself, the inner knower has to first of all become conscious on the level of the self-conscious observer. Then, through the self-absorption of the self-conscious observer, he enters the seat of essence-me, which then becomes the foundation of his identity.

After having established his identity of conscious me, the inner knower continues his evolution into vertical samadhi, in absolute I am, and into internal samadhi, which leads him into the innermost chamber of essence-me – immanent I am.

Outer Knower

The outer knower is the centre of our external intelligence, which uses the vehicle of external attention.  The outer knower is the perceiver and the thinker, the one who makes our choices based on his discriminative intelligence.  He is the outer face of the knower, and the outer identity of the inner knower, who in turn is his existential base.

Even though the outer knower is actually the center of our human consciousness, his awakening is one of the most challenging tasks in our evolution. And for the same reason, bringing him to the threshold of consciousness can be seen as the most important event in our human existence.

Prior to his awakening, the outer knower is unconscious, meaning he is not aware of his own existence. At this stage, we call it ‘the observer’. The first step in awakening the outer knower is what we call the ‘self-conscious observer’, which is the observer that has recognized its own subjectivity.

Later on, the transformation of the outer knower is primarily based on the evolution of the inner knower. The outer knower experienced from the absolute knower is called the ‘translucent knower’, which is the sublime realization of the outer knower as the luminosity of intelligence.


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Conscious Me

Conscious me is the awakened essence of our human consciousness that is born through the process of meeting, solidifying and embodying our essence-me. Even when we are unconscious, essence-me is at the core of who we are, it is just unconscious of itself. Essence-me is the subjective identity of the observer, or the thinker, the one who stands behind all our thoughts and perceptions. So even in an unawakened state, we may experience glimpses of essence-me here and there, when for instance we feel ourselves to be more present to our thoughts. However, this experience is entirely fragmented and unsubstantial.

Essence-me is both extraordinary and divine in nature, but in order to realize this, we must radically change our relationship with that ‘ordinary’ sense of me. Essence-me is the closest experience of who we are, but it is also the most neglected. This ordinary sense of me has long been associated with personality and ego, and therefore construed in spirituality as something negative that needs to be eliminated. This type of conditioning is extremely damaging. Essence-me is indeed ordinary, and initially it is lost in the mind. But if we have enough intelligence to appreciate it and enough consciousness to awaken it, we can realize it as the very core of our divinity. We can begin to know our essence-me as the first and foremost manifestation of supreme reality as our sacred individuality. Essence-me must be honored as our exalted self and then realized as conscious me. Only then we can say that we have entered the true path and become a real seeker.

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Pure Conscious Me

Pure conscious me is an important dimension of the soul which connects our essence-me with the absolute I am. It also creates a foundation of restfulness for conscious me, upon which the outer knower can be properly transformed and aligned with the soul. Before pure conscious me can be awakened, one has to become one with conscious me and establish true presence on that level. Then, by surrendering below conscious me, pure attention can expand vertically and establish a new identity of pure me, one which is directly tied to conscious me. Pure conscious me awakens in the essential channel of surrender and is fundamental for both conscious me to enter the absolute I am, and for our human consciousness to reach transformation through the alignment of the observer.

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Fundamental Me

Fundamental me is the existential base of essential me, serving as the platform of its surrender and restfulness. It is fundamental me that opens essential me to the source and allows the final transformation of the knower. Fundamental me is the final resting place for the inner knower. Even though it is not difficult to realize, it is only now that the knowledge of the fundamental me has been revealed to humanity.

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Attention is the power of recognition which constitutes the dynamic force of consciousness. Without attention we would fall into a deep slumber or coma. Every one of us uses attention all the time, but only one specific form of it, what we call ‘external attention’. External attention flow exclusively outwards, towards the recognition of thoughts and perceptions. That it has come to dominate our consciousness is no surprise, as it is a basic requirement for our survival in this world. Animals constantly use external attention as well, so we can even say that our whole world is ruled by it. But there is more to attention that external attention. The deeper forms of attention are purely spiritual in nature, and they need to be both awakened and mastered along the path.

The first, higher dimension of attention to awaken is pure attention. Pure attention is the type of attention that flows exclusively inwardly, towards our pure subjectivity and I am. As such, it is born only when we begin to get directly in touch with our sense of me and evolve into pure subjectivity. Pure attention does not ‘pay attention’ to the inner states, it feels them instantaneous and intimately, merging into them in the moment of recognition. The inability to activate pure attention is one of the main reasons why seekers are unable to progress. Instead, many seekers attempt to awaken and cultivate inner states through the use of external attention, which only serves to reinforce the false observer and block the possibility for awakening. Pure attention is the one who recognizes essence-me and gives birth to all the dimensions of pure me. It is the very force of evolution and the spirit of consciousness. There are many ignorant concepts about what our ‘spirit’ is; in reality, the spirit is none other than pure attention.

Another dimension of attention, ‘bare attention,’ is born by pure attention establishing a relationship of constant recognition with essence-me, thereby solidifying it (what we call ‘essential bare attention’), or through the surrender of pure attention into I am until a center of pure me is established based on their connection (what we call ‘pure bare attention). Bare attention is attention without object, which is the very substance of me. Bare attention is realized through all seven centers of the soul – the inner and outer knower, pure conscious me, fundamental me, pure me of consciousness, pure me of being, and pure me of the heart. When bare attention has been formed, it has to be then embodied by a second level of dynamic pure attention so that the realization of our me becomes complete.

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The Role of Intelligence

Intelligence cannot be separated from consciousness. There is no consciousness without intelligence. There is a very low type of intelligence without consciousness, which is just the mind. The mind is not intelligence, but it is a pale and distorted reflection of it; it is our intelligence without a soul. To get in touch with our true intelligence, we must establish pure subjectivity and learn how to experience our thinking faculty from the depth of our pure nature.

Intelligence is not always intelligent, meaning it needs to evolve. One of the main reasons that seekers become stuck is because they lack intelligence. They might be very clever and be able to memorize concepts or philosophical constructs, but they have no access to true understanding. To awaken understanding, it has to become our passion to enquire with our whole soul into the dimension of pure subjectivity; one has to be in love with knowing oneself.

Intelligence must be supported by inner realization as much as inner realization is illuminated by intelligence. True self-realization is the marriage of embodying our original self with complete understanding. For instance, the concept of the three centers of consciousness can be read just as a theory and contemplated from the mind without any true understanding. However, when you realize these three centers experientially and embody their subjectivity as your very self, then you see without any doubt that these concepts are simply a perfect reflection and conceptual representation of who you are.

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Human Completion

The first pillar of wholeness to realize our inner self and reach complete samadhi in transcendent I am. The second pillar of wholeness is to arrive at human completion. Are we human or are we the soul? We are both – we are a human soul. It is common in spiritual traditions to live in denial of our human existence, seeing it as an expression of ignorance or root of our separation from the supreme self. But our existence as humans is not a mistake. The human is both a vessel of the soul and her most intimate manifestation. As much as the human has to serve the soul and surrender to its higher being, the soul needs to embrace her human identity and allow it to arrive the requisite level of psychological fulfillment.

Our human self does not have to be perfect, and in fact it can never be perfect. Human completion does not point to perfection, but to becoming whole on the human level and reaching peace. This is what we call the ‘human at rest’. For our human self to reach peace, we have to go through many life experiences and lessons. We have to feel comfortable in the outer world as our home and arrive at emotional maturity. For instance, we need to experience human love and express our sexuality. Human completion also points to the purification of the mind and emotions, where we cleanse our past and become psychologically integrated and healthy. If our mind is impure or we are repressing our essential desires, not only will our human self live in a perpetual state of frustration, it will also negatively influence the evolution of the soul. Only when we reach basic harmony on the human level will we agree to surrender to the soul. We will fall into the soul, like a ripe fruit falls to the ground.

The journey into human completion is not linear and there different seasons in one’s life where one’s human existence is touched in a deeper way and different issues are faced and resolved. It is our right intention that really matters: to honor our human existence and to love our human self. We need to learn how to live totally both in the inner and in the outer. As we mature both psychologically and spiritually, and arrive at deeper levels of inner samadhi, the human becomes naturally more transparent and the soul increasingly takes over our existence. Here, the soul lives in bliss and the human lives in serenity and peace.

Beyond Traditions

Not all teachings point to the same truth, nor do they necessarily reflect the whole truth. While the major traditions of enlightenment on this plane, such as Zen, Advaita or Buddhism, have played an important role in revealing certain dimensions of human evolution, those revelations can no longer match the evolutionary potential of human beings. Therefore, while these traditions need to be respected, their limitations must be acknowledged and the search for deeper understanding, initiated.  Most of these teachings address only one aspect of awakening; they are not able to facilitate the realization of complete soul and the state of wholeness.

In addition, even if certain philosophies of the past do point to truth in a way which is valid, they have inevitably become corrupted and diluted through constant repetition.  Truth is alive and must constantly evolve, reflecting the intelligence of the now. If it does not, it gradually begins to lose its very essence in the flow of time, turning again into the false.

The science of enlightenment is endlessly unfolding, and in order to reveal higher understanding it must be free from the authority of the past; it is learning from the past but it is not bound by it.  It is a real tragedy that spiritual teachings on this plane are so completely stagnated.  They all are different versions of the simplistic spirit of so-called non-duality, giving it different names. They lack the multidimensional vision of the spiritual dimension and fail to bring us closer to the true realization of who we are.

Since the time of Buddha, there has been no real evolution in spiritual understanding.  While humanity evolves on many other levels, it does not evolve at all in terms of deepening that understanding. There is a tendency to see past teachings of enlightenment as a universal, timeless solution, an old recipe that was once good and will remain so forever.  But they are not a universal solution.  They have touched truth from one angle or another and they reflected the evolutionary needs of human consciousness at the time.

While humanity is not really evolving in terms of self-actualization, the capacity of a large number of individuals is becoming ready to dive deeper and with much higher sensitivity into the nature of reality.  A teaching that is in harmony with the intelligence of the now must reflect not only the evolutionary needs of humanity as a whole, but the evolutionary potential of those who have moved beyond the boundaries of the collective mind.

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