Abidance: a state of existence realized on the level of consciousness, being, or heart in which one dwells in the vertical plane but without any depth, restfulness, or absorption; a neutral presence in the now devoid of vertical surrender.
Absence: a level of absorption of the individual in the universal in which our sense of identity moves to the beyond.
Horizontal Absence: the horizontal samadhi of me in universal consciousness.
Vertical Absence: samadhi of being, heart, or consciousness in the absolute.
Absolute: the dimension of the source consisting of absolute consciousness, the divine dimension, and the void aspect of the absolute; the realm of absence; the unborn; the uncreated; the heart of the now; the primordial isness of reality; the original void; the ground of creation; the unmanifested essence of the beyond; the being aspect of the supreme reality.
Absolute I am: the consciousness of the absolute; the source of universal consciousness; the pure subjectivity of the absolute.
Absolute Pure Conscious Me: pure conscious me in vertical samadhi in absolute I am.
Absolute State: enlightenment of being; the condition of pure rest, absence, and perfect absorption in the source; the state of freedom from energetic fluctuations of the vital force on the level of being; the unification of the soul and the absolute on the level of being; the first level of vertical absence.
Absorption: the experience of being merged with the inner plane; the fusion of self and reality; the amalgamation of me with the absolute existence; the unconditional repose of the soul in the beloved; samadhi.
Attention: the directed light of cognition, the essence of which is knowing; a focused emanation of me towards object or subject.
External Attention: the light of cognition directed towards objects and thoughts.
Pure Attention: the light of cognition and surrender directed towards pure subjectivity.
Bare Attention: the essence of pure subjectivity; the direct non-dual cognition embedded in conscious me and pure me; the unity of pure attention and essence-me (in conscious me) or pure attention and I am (in pure me); the self-cognizance of the five centers of the soul; attention that is conscious of itself without an object.
Pure External Attention: the light of cognition and surrender directed towards pure subjectivity.
External Pure Attention: a type of attention linking intuitive me with higher intelligence.
Awakening: : a radical shift of consciousness into a higher state of existence; meeting the light of me; the realization of pure subjectivity; meeting the essence of our original self as the me of the soul.
Awareness: the internal expansion of conscious me through the horizontal surrender of pure attention, without crossing the doorway to I am and awakening pure me; the spacious depth of consciousness in the headspace without the light of pure me and motionlessness of horizontal absorption; the space of consciousness in-between conscious me and pure consciousness.
Base-identity: all the centers of the soul both in the central and essential channels that exist independently from involvement in human consciousness: pure me of being, pure me of consciousness, pure me of heart, fundamental me, pure conscious me, conscious me and the knower.
Being: the aspect of the inner state that links the soul with the vertical plane of the source; the ground of existence; the pure isness of the supreme reality; the fundamental support of consciousness and all that is.
Beloved: the heart of the supreme reality; the divine; the creator; the all-embracing love-essence of the god-state.
Beyond: the inner dimension of transcendent I am; the divine realm; the unmanifested.
Blueprint: the design and plan for the completion of each soul; the evolutionary destiny of the soul and final vision of her wholeness.
Celestial Me: the completely realized intuitive me merged with its divine subjectivity.
Chain of Identity in Consciousness: the existential link between all the layers of subjectivity rooted in primal recognition and surrender to universal and absolute I am; the unified organism of holistic consciousness composed of pure me of consciousness, fundamental me, pure conscious me, conscious me, and the knower.
Complete Consciousness: the unity of fundamental consciousness, the two-fold vertical samadhi of pure me of consciousness and essential me, and the total internal samadhi of essential me; the unity of absolute consciousness and immanent samadhi.
Complete-identity: the base-identity experienced in unison with the dynamic expression of the soul through the translucent knower, intuitive me, feeling me and emotional me.
Completion: the actualization of the soul’s full potential; the enlightenment of the soul; the arrival at maximal wholeness within one’s human existence; transcendence.
Conscious Me: essence-me realized; the bare attention of the inner knower; the conscious subjectivity of me at the root of the knower; the base-identity of the soul.
Conscious Mind: thinking experienced from the conscious knower.
Consciousness: the light of cognition; the knowing inherent to pure subjectivity; the vehicle of clarity and intelligence; the luminosity of the soul.
Creation: the totality of manifested consciousness; the entirety of the phenomenal world and the inner plane of universal consciousness.
Cultivation: methodical practice directed towards perfecting a previously awakened state, or towards preparing the ground for a further stage of awakening.
Diamond Mountain: the complete entry into the state of absence in which I am is fully embodied and pure me has reached the highest level of strength and clarity; the realization of universal me.
Dimension of Presence: the consciousness of me in contrast the dimension of absence (the transcendent I am).
Divine: the heart of the absolute reality; the domain of grace and love.
Divine State: samadhi of the heart in the absolute; the unity of love and absence.
Duality: in ignorance, the state of separation, the split between me and existence; in reality, the natural polarization of consciousness into being and knowing that constitutes the essence of creation and evolution.
Lower Duality: the ignorant duality between subconscious me, or the observer, and the world.
Higher Duality: the awakened duality between our higher individuality and universal existence.
Ego: the sense of me based on personality fully identified with psychological content and self-image; me when disconnected from its pure subjectivity.
Embodiment: the merging of pure attention with bare attention in which either conscious me or pure me is established as our fundamental identity.
Emptiness: a content-free state of consciousness; no-mind; non-abidance; the state of absence.
Enlightenment: the complete transcendence of ignorance; the awakening of the soul and her return to the original state of wholeness; the unification of me with the soul and the soul with the ultimate reality; actualization of our complete subjectivity on all levels in conjunction with arriving at perfect samadhi in the universal reality.
Essence-me: the inherent sense of me just behind thoughts; one’s very own self; when actualized through the self-absorption of the self-conscious observer and then embodied, conscious me; the kernal of our existence in which the original, divine energy of immanent I am is hidden; the original spark of creation; the consciousness of every living form; the core identity of the inner knower and the base of his bare attention.
Essential Me: the true center of individual consciousness; the multilayered dimension of subjectivity that has its roots in essence-me and is composed of conscious me, pure conscious me, fundamental me and the knower.
False Me: the sense of me fully identified with the mind; a superficial sense of personality alienated from one’s true nature; me disconnected from I am.
Feeling Me: the subjective essence of human me in the heart; the subject to human feelings.
Fundamental Consciousness: the unified field of consciousness – comprised of pure consciousness, fundamental me, pure conscious me, conscious me, and the conscious knower – embodied.
Fundamental Me: the pure me of pure conscious me; the foundation of the essential channel; the center of essential me which opens the doorway to its complete vertical samadhi in absolute I am.
Fundamental State: the complete absorption of fundamental me and absolute I am.
God: the supreme reality; the absolute heart of existence; the mind and being of all-that-is; the cause and ultimate goal of creation.
Grace: evolutionary intervention from the beyond or from a human guide that manifests as a sudden acceleration of our awakening, healing, and purification, or a release from karmic ties.
Gradual Enlightenment: a concept according to which enlightenment is reached by elevating one’s level of awakening through many stages of gradual inner progress.
Gradual Path: an evolutionary journey towards enlightenment involving the gradual completion of many levels of awakening.
Healing: the transformation of human pain into love and wholeness; the removal and dissolution of emotional traumas and wounds through the illumination of our existence with the light of the soul.
Heart: the sacred core of individual consciousness; the seat of the soul; the soul’s gateway to the divine; the divine realm; the divine aspect of the soul.
Human Heart: our higher emotional center; the center of feelings; the dimension of the heart linked to our human existence through feeling me; the doorway to the heart of the soul.
Here: the horizontal plane of existence made known by the senses and the mind; perceptual reality; that which appears to be arising from the now; that which comes and goes, lacking the fundamental quality of being; the time-space continuum.
Horizontal Plane: the here; the relative expression of the now in the linear time-space continuum.
Human: the vehicle of the soul on the earth plane; the soul’s extension in creation; a temporary identity based on mind and personality that has a sense of me but not of I am.
I: a higher realization of our individual subjectivity resulting from the complete merging of the inner knower with essence-me; an identity born through essence-samadhi, where the inner knower shifts his identity into essence-me.
I am: transcendent subjectivity; the dimension of the source; consciousness of the supreme reality.
Universal I am: universal consciousness; the center from which the universal light of consciousness radiates into the world of manifestation; the powerhouse of consciousness in the realm of creation; the pure subjectivity of universal consciousness; universal subjectivity; one of the three dimensions of transcendent I am.
Absolute I am: the absolute consciousness of the absolute; the source, foundation, and center of gravity of the manifested world; the pure subjectivity of the absolute; the unity of the original void, absolute consciousness, and the divine dimension; absolute subjectivity; absolute god; the I am of universal I am; the first manifestion of primodial I am; one of the three dimensions of transcendent I am.
Primordial I am: the primordial consciousness of the supreme reality; the heart and the source of all existence revealed through our immanent samadhi; the I am containing absolute I am; the source of absolute I am; one of the three dimensions of transcendent I am; the source of immanent I am.
Transcendent I am: I am that is external to me; I am realized through surrendering beyond me; the realm of universal I am, absolute I am, and primordial I am.
Immanent I am: the individualized light of primordial I am hidden within the kernel of essence-me, which is the base of our individuality; the seed of our divinity that lies at the core of every me and is revealed through the realization of immanent samadhi; the individualized I am.
Inner State: the energy state beyond the mind that serves as a container for the awakening of our pure subjectivity; the energy body of the soul realized on the level of consciousness, being, and heart.
Integral Consciousness: the integration and unification of the mind with fundamental consciousness through the transformation of the knower, based on its unification with conscious me.
Integration: arriving at full maturity, transparency, and naturalness of the awakened state; the ability of me to function naturally from the place of having fully embodied the awakened state.
Intelligence: the living spirit of existence; the coherence and purposefulness of the thought process; a movement of understanding linked to the sense of me and the soul.
Transparent Intelligence: a dimension of higher intelligence experienced from the transparent knower.
Contemplative Intelligence: an internalized dimension of intelligence that is experienced from the self-absorbed knower..
Pure Intelligence: our innermost intelligence linked to pure attention and the absolute knower; a non-mental, feeling dimension of intelligence embedded in pure subjectivity.
Translucent Intelligence: a higher dimension of contemplative, reflective intelligence that is experienced from the translucent knower.
Pure Translucent Intelligence: the intelligence of the outer knower experienced from his samadhi in the absolute, fundamental, primordial, or immanent knower.
Intuitive Intelligence: a non-conceptual dimension of intelligence experienced in the same area as the subconscious mind that is responsible for the faculty of higher knowing, the center of which is intuitive me.
Celestial Intelligence: universal intelligence embodied by celestial me.
Intuitive Me: the universal secondary center of conscious me; the center and pure subjectivity of intuitive intelligence.
Karma: the interconnectedness of all elements in creation; the law of cause and effect; the law of justice in the plane of relativity.
Negative Karma: the net of illusion that holds the majority of souls in a state of lower consciousness; a lack of evolutionary support caused by one’s resistance to awaken from the collective ignorance.
Positive Karma: being true to the inner call of the soul and taking responsibility for one’s own awakening, manifesting as assistance from existence.
Knower: the true, awakened center of intelligence; the center of both pure and external attention; the source of recognition, alertness and understanding composed of the inner knower, outer knower and its central identity of bare attention.
Inner Knower: the internal face of the knower that servers as the vehicle of pure attention, recognition and embodiment of pure subjectivity; the spark of the soul’s light and source of her longing for the realization of her complete self; the heart of the true seeker.
Outer Knower: the external face of the knower which serves as the subject to external attention and conceptual intelligence.
Conscious Outer Knower: the knower experienced from embodied conscious me; the secondary center of conscious me; the subject to external attention experienced from the primary center of the inner knower; the outer knower conscious of his bare attention (the outer essence-me).
Conscious Inner Knower: the inner knower that has established his bare attention through the awakening of conscious me.
Contemplative Knower: Contemplative Knower: the internalized knower in a state of partial self-absorption when engaged in thinking or perception.
Transparent Knower: the conscious outer knower experienced from pure conscious me, fundamental me, and pure consciousness; a stage in the evolution of the conscious outer knower where it becomes an open window for perception and intelligence.
Focused Transparent Knower: the transparent knower which, when focused upon the details of external reality, is not losing the condition of transparency.
Double Focused Knower: a situation in which both the mental and visual aspects of the outer knower are focused, such as in intense computer work.
Absolute Knower: the inner knower merged with absolute pure conscious me as an outcome of self-absorption and the self-fusion of the inner and outer knower.
Translucent Knower: the secondary center of the absolute, fundamental, primordial and immanent knower, that functions as his extension into conceptual translucent intelligence and perception of the outer world; the culmination of the evolution of the outer knower.
Fundamental Knower: the absolute knower merged with fundamental me.
Primordial Knower: the inner knower in essence-samadhi; the fundamental knower that has fully assumed the identity of essence-me through deeper self-absorption; the realization of I; the end of the duality between conscious me and essence-me.
Immanent Knower: the inner knower merged with immanent I am; the inner knower who has become the identity of the immanent I am.
Light: the luminosity of consciousness; the light of the soul, which is the unity of the light of me with the light of I am
Love: the light of the heart; the unity of me and I am; the nature of the divine and our soul.
State of Love: a natural samadhi of the complete soul in existence, based on which she fully embodies her subjectivity through all of her centers.
Me: the sense of personal individuality; the personalized light of pure subjectivity tied to individual purpose, blueprint, and destiny; the first and foremost expression of the soul through which she reflects her identity in the mirror of pure consciousness; the cognizing essence of the waking state through which the soul enters creation; the substance of pure knowing through which we identify our existence as self; the foremost expression of the immanent I am through which the original duality between pure attention and essence-me is born.
Meditation: a natural state of absorption in reality; the condition of embodying our pure nature within the context of samadhi in the inner realm; the state of pure subjectivity.
Meditation Practice: the inner work based on self-remembrance, self-embodiment and surrender that aims at achieving the natural state of pure subjectivity; the internalization of attention; an expansion and deepening of consciousness towards unity with the beyond; cultivation of various aspects of the inner state, related either to the solidification of our light or its surrender to the realm of absence; the process of unifying me with I am with the aim of reaching samadhi; the process of conscious cooperation with our awakening and surrender.
Mind: a complex organism of perception and mental processing composed of unconscious, subconscious, and conscious levels of thinking that are inseparable from intelligence and the intrinsic sense of me.
Mystical State: an altered state of consciousness not rooted in the reality of I am and the soul.
Natural State: effortless abidance in reality as it is; natural absorption in being; the state of perfect emptiness; an experience of transparency between the soul and the beyond.
Negative Natural State: a relatively neutral realization of our pure nature that lacks the quality of bliss; realization of our pure nature in the absence of embodying our pure subjectivity and without arriving at the state of samadhi.
No-mind: a dimension of consciousness and being that exists beyond, and independently of, the mind; a profound level of realization wherein the sense of me in the mind is absorbed into the state of emptiness; a state of freedom from self-reference.
Non-abidance: an experience of non-separation in which the division between here and now is dissolved; a level of realization in which the soul abides in the reality of all, beyond any reference to creation or the uncreated; transparent unity between consciousness of oneself and consciousness of the totality that transcends the self-limiting notions of ‘who’ and ‘where’.
Non-being: non-abidance; the realm of absence; the absolute; the state of transcendence; a condition in which me has merged with the beyond; the dissolution of self in the absolute through which being is transcended; the absence of a knower through which being reveals its non-abiding depth.
Non-conceptualization: a condition of absorption in reality free of veiling mental constructs; the unity of the knower and no-mind; consciousness free from self-reference.
Non-doing: a state of surrender; pure meditation; the original stillness of being.
Non-thinking: a state beyond thought or absence of thought within the constant self-recognition of pure consciousness; natural absorption in the light of consciousness and being that is not touched by arising thoughts yet includes the transparent movement of intelligence.
Not-knowing: the dimension of being and consciousness that is free from thought and content.
Now: the vertical reality of being; the timeless ground of reality; the meeting-point between time and the beyond; the source of the present moment; real time.
Observer: the pre-knower, lower subconscious center of intelligence that is unaware of its essence; the external aspect of essence-me that forms a center of presence as the subject to external attention, but is unconscious of itself; the pre-conscious center of essence-me; the subject to thinking and center of our intelligence devoid of self-knowing.
Self-conscious Observer: a stage in the evolution of the observer where it feels and establishes its own subjectivity as the center of external attention by becoming illuminated through pure attention; the first level of bare attention realized on the surface of essence-me.
Oneness: a condition of existence devoid of a sense of separation; a level of realization in which the individual consciousness is merged with the consciousness of all; a state of unity through which the ultimate transparency between the soul and the one reality is realized.
Over-soul: the aspect of universal intelligence that bridges the soul and her destiny; the force of grace that oversees and directs the evolution of each soul.
Peripheral Energy: an accidental energy that occurs outside the dimension of pure subjectivity; any energetic manifestation that is external to our pure nature.
Personality: a structure of human consciousness composed of the physical, emotional, and mental bodies; the psychological frame of ego-consciousness; the sense of self based on the mind.
Lower Personality: personality that is limited to the collective me, where the human sense of self is entirely confined to the psychological dimension and the real me is absent.
Collective Personality: the basic level of lower personality where the ego is not developed and one has no access to free will; the personality of the collective me.
Egoic Personality: a higher level of the evolution of the collective me where the ego is more developed, characterized by intelligence being more activated and limited access to free will still within lower personality.
Threshold Personality: a higher level of evolution in egoic personality where the longing for the real me has been awakened; the entry point of me into the spiritual path.
Higher Personality: personality experienced from the foundation of our real me.
Conscious Personality: the first stage of higher personality where connection to the real me has been made; a stage of personality in which the three centers of the human self – the observer, feeling me, and emotional me – have become conscious; the clear presence of maturity and higher intention on the level of personality.
Integrated Personality: a stage of a higher personality where the real me has been embodied and personality is aligned with the soul.
Unified Personality: a stage of a higher personality where the human has surrendered to the soul through the three centers of the human self (the knower, feeling me, and emotional me).
Transparent Personality: the highest level of higher personality where the human has merged with the soul and becomes her transparent expression in the world.
Presence: a lower level of bare attention realized without meeting our pure subjectivity; an energetic state beyond the mind experienced without awakening of me.
Primary Me: the relative unity and integration between conscious me and pure concious me.
Pure Attention: the directed emanation of essence-me into pure me and I am; the transparent spirit of consciousness and intelligence that is responsible for awakening and embodying of pure and essential me; an internalized flow of directed recognition from the inner knower into all the centers of the soul.
Pure Consciousness: the unity of pure me and universal I am; the horizontal samadhi of pure me in universal consciousness.
Pure Conscious Me: pure me of conscious me; a vertical extension of the identity of conscious me into its pure me; pure me experienced just beneath conscious me, serving as its body of being and as a doorway for vertical surrender.
Pure Duality: the subtle duality between the light of me and pure intelligence that gives rise to self-recognition; the duality between the various centers of pure me, for instance, between pure me of being and pure me of the heart.
Higher Pure Duality: the subtle duality between our awakened individuality and I am; the duality between individual and universal subjectivity inherent to existence.
Pure Emotional Me: a secondary level of pure me realized in the solar plexus through the expansion of pure me of the heart and pure me of being; an essential aspect of the soul’s integration with her human emotional existence.
Pure Me: the secondary identity of the inner knower born through his expansion into transcendent I am; the link between the inner knower and I am that needs to be awakened on the level of consciousness, being, and heart; the individual face of the soul; our multidimensional identity comprised of pure me of consciousness, pure me of being, pure me of the heart, pure conscious me, and fundamental me.
Pure Me of Consciousness: the horizontal extension of conscious me into the I am of consciousness.
Vertical Pure Me of Consciousness: also called ‘pure me of pure consciousness’; a different mode of pure me of consciousness that manifests through vertical surrender within pure consciousness, resulting in the state of abidance; the aspect of pure me that, through vertical surrender, manifests the state of consciousness at rest, and through its further surrender manifests absolute consciousness.
Pure Separation: the complete isolation of our pure subjectivity from external perceptions and the mind.
Pure Subjectivity: the realm of I am and me; the dimension of the source and the soul; the ground of consciousness; consciousness in its original non-objectified form; the unity of me and the beyond; the light of me in its fundamental non-objectified nature; me realized as bare attention; the non-dual light of pure knowing; recognition without object; pure attention illuminating the substance of me.
Pure Will: the unity of intention and effortlessness.
Purification: the cleansing of the mind; the removal of negative tendencies; the alignment of the human with the soul’s essence and purpose.
Real Energy: the energetic dimension of the soul that can be embodied as pure subjectivity.
Real Time: the non-linear flow of the timeless now; the transcendental time of the beyond; the becoming of being; the process of cognition merged with non-becoming; the process of time experienced from the state of absence.
Recognition: the ability to identify an experience in consciousness; the illumination of an internal or external experience with the light of knowing.
Intrinsic Recognition: the self-recognition inherent to pure subjectivity that is experienced on the level of bare attention.
Directed Recognition: the purposeful recognition of one or more centers of the soul or I am, activated through the intentional flow of pure attention.
Reincarnation: the continuance after death of one’s pure subjectivity; the transference from one lifetime to the next of one’s solidified, awakened me that has stepped out of the collective mind and exists independently of personality
Samadhi: the merging of me with I am; arriving at the state of absence through one or all of the centers of the soul; the absorption of human consciousness into the soul and the beyond; the self-absorption of the knower and its fusion with conscious me; the immanent absorption of the knower that results in the awakening of immanent I am.
Horizontal Samadhi: the merging of pure me of consciousness with universal consciousness through the portal at the back of the head.
Vertical Samadhi: the merging of all the centers of the soul with the absolute I am.
Samadhi of Being: the complete absorption of pure me of being in the absolute; the absolute state.
Samadhi of the Heart: the complete absorption of the heart in the absolute; the divine state.
Samadhi of Pure Consciousness: complete absorption of pure me of consciousness in the absolute; absolute me.
Samadhi of Fundamental Me: the complete absorption of fundamental me in absolute I am; the fundamental state.
Samadhi of Pure Conscious Me: the complete absorption of pure conscious me in absolute I am; absolute pure conscious me.
Internal Samadhi: a specific dimension of samadhi that occurs between and within the centers of the essential me, composed of self-absorption and self-fusion.
Essence-Samadhi: the deeper self-absorption of the knower which results in his merging with essence-me, through which he assumes the identity of essence-me and opens the doorway to immanent I am; the realization of I; the end of duality between conscious me and essence-me.
Immanent Samadhi: the post essence-samadhi self-absorption in the primordial knower that results in the realization of immanent I am and primordial I am.
Natural Samadhi: samadhi that is integrated with the natural functions of me and the quality of clarity; samadhi that transcends the polarity of the outer and the inner world, whether eyes are open or closed.
Sealed State: the final integration of the outer and inner knower; the translucent knower experienced from from the absolute, primordial or immanent knower.
Self: the self-evident, self-radiant, self-knowing, fundamental nature of reality; the non-dual consciousness of existence in itself, by itself, and through itself; in its higher meaning, universal I am; in its lower meaning, the soul; in its most basic meaning, the sense of me.
Self-absorption: the merging of pure attention with the bare attention of the knower.
Pure Self-absorption: the merging of pure attention with essence-me within conscious me or the observer.
Natural Samadhi: the internal merging of pure attention within pure me for the sake of fusing pure me with universal or absolute I am.
Self-consciousness: a further development of self-reference through which me becomes conscious of itself within the context of objectivity; in the absence of surrender, the essence of the sense of separation and ego-identity.
Self-fusion: an outcome of self-absorption which is expressed as the complete merging between two centers of essential me to form a new single center, such as fusion of the conscious me in pure conscious me.
Self-image: the further development of self-consciousness through which a psychological image of oneself is created.
Self-love: the love and devotion linking me with its pure subjectivity; an inherent quality of the soul representing her awakened relationship with her pure subjectivity; surrender and merging of pure attention into bare attention; a profound feeling of devotion and intimacy in the union of pure attention with bare attention.
Self-reference: the basic mechanism through which me becomes conscious of its existence in the mind; in ignorance, the root of the ego-self; in the natural state, an intermittent function of transparent intelligence.
Subconscious Self-reference: the ability of the observer to refer back to itself through subtle thought in order to create inner dialog or self-image.
Conscious Self-reference: the mechanism of self-reference experienced from conscious me.
Transparent Self-reference: the function of self-reference integrated through the chain of identity and surrender with our fundamental consciousness, freed from the compulsion to create the center of ego in the mind; self-reference experienced from the embodied conscious me.
Pure Self-reference: the function of self-reference that is fully integrated with the light of the soul; self-reference experienced from pure subjectivity that does not create the egoic sense of self.
Self-remembrance: pure attention cultivating the continuity of the recognition of I am prior to and after the birth of pure me; the unbroken flow of self-cognition rooted in pure subjectivity.
Separation: a state of ignorance and forgetfulness in which the condition of conscious oneness is absent; a low level of evolution wherein our personal consciousness experiences itself as existing apart from the one reality; an existential friction between self and the total existence; the sense of me alienated from both the inner realm and creation.
Sleep-threshold: the place where conscious me begins to enter the sleep state while retaining relaxed alertness.
Solar Plexus: the main center of human emotions orientated around survival, such as fear, anxiety, and anger; the center of human identity related to the sense of personal empowerment, or lack thereof, where our basic sense of identity based on the will to survive is developed; the emotional and existential root of the observer, which is its semi-conscious representation in the mind; in its higher form, the center of positive empowerment and the inner bridge between our spiritual heart and being.
Soul: the essence of our higher individuality linked to the eternal evolution of light and consciousness; an individualized angle of perception endowed with the intrinsic knowledge of I am; our complete self composed of several dimensions of me awakened, integrated and unified as one being; the inner knower.
Dormant Soul: the soul in her non-actualized embryonic state; the unconscious inner knower.
Active Soul: the soul who is non-actualized but who has already activated the inner knower.
Awakened Soul: the soul conscious of her own identity and unity with the universal reality; the knower who has awakened his pure subjectivity on the level of the inner and outer knower.
Soul-awakening: the realization of the light of our pure subjectivity through pure me and essential me; meeting oneself as the divine subjectivity in the context of surrender to the transcendent I am; a shift of identity from the observer into the real me; the realization of the inner knower.
Soul-realization: the complete actualization of the soul’s identity; becoming one’s eternal self; the culmination of the individuation process; the birth of our complete self, our ultimate individuality.
Source: the absolute; the unmanifested; the original emptiness.
Stabilization: the relative completion of a process through which an awakened state becomes fully established; a stage of awakening in which the need for further cultivation of a particular state becomes unnecessary; establishing constant recognition of pure subjectivity and constant surrender into one of the portals of I am.
Subconscious: a subtle realm of lower intelligence present below our conscious subjectivity; the processing sphere of mental impressions that serves as the foundation of the conscious mind.
Subconscious Me: a condition in which both identity (sense of me) and function (external attention) are subconscious; the subliminal sense of identity; the diluted sense of me experienced below the threshold of the conscious mind; a dream-like, unfocused sense of self experienced when lost in the mind or spaced-out.
Subconscious Mind: the semi-conscious arising of thoughts in which the ‘thinker’ is not present to himself.
Subjectivity: the dimension of me.
Personal Subjectivity: me experienced in the context of one’s psychological existence and human consciousness.
Individual Subjectivity: the identity of the soul; the light of me; bare attention realized on the level of essence-me and pure me; the inner knower.
Universal Subjectivity: I am embodied by the bare attention of pure me; the subjectivity of the soul experienced in her perfect embodiment of I am; the unity of universal me and I am.
Transcendental Subjectivity: the deepest, fathomless dimension of I am that contains universal subjectivity; the transcendental realm of universal subjectivity; the subjectivity of the creator.
Suchness: an entirely unmodified perception of the external reality that occurs from within unconditional consciousness; the experience of unity with the external world.
Ordinary Suchness: the experience of suchness within our ordinary, panoramic perception of the world that occurs through the medium of the transparent knower.
Dynamic Suchness: the experience of suchness within which we need to focus on finer details of our external reality through the medium of focused transparent knower.
Absolute Suchness: the experience of suchness from samadhi of consciousness (either absolute consciousness or, on a higher level, transcendental consciousness).
Divine Suchness: the experience of divine oneness that arises from the unity of transcendental consciousness and the divine state.
Sudden Awakening: instantaneous arrival at the awakened state through a sudden and dramatic shift of consciousness and being; a non-gradual shift into higher state of pure subjectivity.
Sudden Path: the path based on the principle of sudden awakening.
Surrender: the process of letting go of me into I am to embody the higher identity of the soul, and then letting go as the soul into the beyond to realize the state of absence and samadhi.
Tan T’ien: the portal in the lower belly where pure me of being enters absolute I am.
Upper Central Tan T’ien: the portal at the base of the skull where pure me of consciousness enters absolute I am.
Horizontal Tan T’ien: the portal at the back of the head through which pure me of consciousness enters universal I am.
Upper Essential Tan T’ien: the portal at the bottom of the forehead where pure conscious me enters absolute I am, and opens the doorway to absolute I am for conscious me and the knower.
Lower Essential Tan T’ien: the portal on the level of the cheekbones where fundamental me enters absolute I am.
Thinking: the movement of intelligence linked to the inherent sense of me.
Subconscious Thinking: thinking produced by and linked to subconscious me.
Semi-conscious Thinking: thinking from the subconscious self-referencing observer.
Conscious Thinking: thinking from the conscious outer knower.
Contemplative Thinking: an internalized dimension of thinking where the outer knower is both relatively self-absorbed and linked to the other centers of the soul.
Intelligence: thinking from the soul.
Third Eye: the center of essence-me where the pure subjectivity of conscious me is awakened.
Fourth Eye: the portal to universal I am at the back of the head, which is embodied by pure me.
Fifth Eye: the center of our higher intuitive intelligence, embodied by celestial me and located at the top of the head.
Thought-threshold: the line between our pure subjectivity and manifestation of thoughts.
Watcher of the Thought-threshold: a mode of the outer knower where it assumes the position of guarding against the subconscious mind, letting go of the unwanted arising of subconscious thoughts at their conception.
Time: the movement of becoming as reflected in consciousness.
Transcendence: the realization of immanent I am.
Unconscious: the storehouse of universal, collective, and individual mind-content; the ontological foundation of manifested consciousness.
Unconscious Mind: the matrix of memories, impressions, and tendencies that lies beneath the subconscious and conscious mind; the non-conscious source of the subconscious mind; the impersonal wisdom at the root of individual consciousness.
Understanding: the clarity of knowing; the unity of discrimination and wisdom.
Universal Consciousness: the self-illuminating aspect of the whole of existence; the luminosity of I am of totality; the transcendental knowing of the absolute now; the universal conscious me that constitutes the base of universal intelligence.
Universal Intelligence: the wisdom of totality; the mind of universal consciousness; the intelligence of the supreme reality accessed through the intuitive and celestial me.
Universal Me: a state in which universal I am is embodied by pure me of consciousness.
Wholeness: the soul’s evolutionary completion, including her spiritual illumination and human completion; the realization of our evolutionary potential; the embodiment of our ultimate self; the complete and multidimensional awakening of our soul-identity.
Will: the power of life that constitutes the force of individual existence; tan t’ien – seat of the unconscious will, the vital force; solar plexus – center of the subconscious will; mind – center of the conscious will; pure will – the will of existence and the higher will of the soul.
Witnessing Consciousness: a horizontal state of absorption in consciousness in which me has merged with universal consciousness without having embodied it; horizontal samadhi in consciousness that bypasses the awakening of pure me.

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