Map of Awakening

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*Please note that this flow chart is structured to represent, in sequence, the major stages of the awakening process; it does not reflect the location of the awakened states in the human body.

Awakening of the Soul


The awakening of consciousness is the foundation of the soul’s awakening, her entry into reality and emancipation from the construct of the mind. Because very few teachers and seekers are able to pinpoint the exact energetic location of consciousness, it is often confused with the experience of being, or an overall sense of presence. It is essential, therefore, to understand that the correct realization of consciousness is experienced exclusively in the headspace. Pure consciousness, the unity of pure me and universal I am, is the awakened base of our consciousness and the first level of transcending our relative self. It constitutes the transparent solidification of identity beyond the mind, the true birth of our higher me. The awakening of pure consciousness, in combination with awakening of essential me, is what fundamentally puts an end to the ignominy of forgetfulness.

Two Pillars of Consciousness: Pure Me and Essential Me

The evolution of consciousness goes through many crucial stages, all of which need to be fully comprehended and experientially realized through correct, intelligent practice. In addition, we must have the correct vision of the multidimensional nature of our holistic consciousness. We can divide consciousness into two main pillars, which are the two dimensions into which it fundamentally evolves – pure me and essential me. Then, essential me itself is comprised of four centers: the observer, conscious me, pure conscious me, and fundamental me. While the five centers of consciousness are entirely distinct, they are also fully interdependent and need to evolve in parallel.

Awakening the Inner and Outer Knower: The Sun of Consciousness

What makes consciousness conscious? Consciousness is the experience of luminosity, but what gives rise to this luminosity? It is like asking what creates the daylight. The answer is hidden in the most secret recesses of our consciousness, in the essence of its pure subjectivity. To realize this answer is to realize the knower, the one who knows everything in both our internal and external reality. The knower is the center of our intelligence, and without intelligence, consciousness cannot be conscious.

Even though it is the knower that enables us to be conscious, he is initially entirely unconscious of himself. This stage in our evolution is what we call ‘the observer.’ The observer is the unconscious knower. To cross over from the observer to the knower is the greatest challenge for any human being who wants to become true and real, to transcend his fragmented and distorted sense of self.

The knower has to faces, the inner and the outer. The inner knower looks inwardly through the vehicle of pure attention, illuminating all dimensions of our pure subjectivity. The outer knower looks outwardly through external attention, and is responsible for the recognition of the world and the use of our mental faculties. Both are crucial, and each one has its own center of bare attention from which it functions.

The original core of the knower is essence-me, which is the axel of our individuality. To realize the knower we must fall in love with our own self. Though the knower is hidden, he is also the most obvious one, because his identity is none other than our most ordinary sense of me. To know the knower is know our me.

The journey of the knower is amazing, beautiful and incredible. To appreciate this journey, one has to appreciate one’s very self, has to fall in love with oneself. One’s highest purpose is not to realize the universal self, nor the divine mother, nor our Buddha nature – but to become oneself. Our me is the beginning and the culmination of everything, of all that is real.

Two Channels of Vertical Surrender

After the two pillars of consciousness are realized, they begin to serve as the two portals to the absolute, or the two channels of vertical surrender. The central channel runs down from pure consciousness, through the heart and into being and the absolute (through the center of tan t’ien). The essential channel runs down from essence-me, at the front of the head, through pure conscious me and fundamental me, directly into the absolute. Through the central channel we realize absolute consciousness. Through the essential channel, we realize the fundamental state and absolute pure conscious me, which form the foundation for the internal samadhi of conscious me and the knower. However, for the lower centers of essential me to reach samadhi, the base of absolute consciousness to be established. Therefore, the first step towards vertical samadhi of consciousness is the surrender of pure me of consciousness. Only when it is completed, and the central channel is fully opened, can fundamental me, pure conscious me and finally conscious me begin their vertical descent towards absence as well.

Self-Absorption and Internal Samadhi of Essential Me

In the essential channel, we also realize internal samadhi, which consists of both ‘self absorption’ and ‘self-fusion’. Self-absorption is the internalized merging of pure attention into the core of essence-me, which happens on the level of both the inner and outer knower. Self-fusion is the resultant merging between the various centers of essential me, where two or more centers become entirely merged into one. The ultimate culmination of internal samadhi is what we call ‘immanent samadhi’ which is the realization of immanent I am inside the deepest kernel of essence-me. Internal samadhi requires the foundation of vertical samadhi of the lower centers in order to be effective. Therefore, these two directions of absorption are mutually dependent.

Complete Consciousness

We can identify three milestones in the evolution of consciousness: fundamental consciousness, integral consciousness and complete consciousness. Fundamental consciousness refers to the unity of pure consciousness, fundamental me, pure conscious me, conscious me and the outer knower. Integral consciousness refers to the integration of the outer knower, including the mind and its human expression, with fundamental consciousness. Complete consciousness is attained when the two pillars of consciousness reach vertical samadhi, and in addition we realize the deepest expression of internal samadhi, which is immanent I am.

Dimension of Pure Me

Pure Me of Consciousness

To awaken pure me of consciousness, the portal to I am has to first of all be opened, which is located at the back of the physical head. This initial opening links our me with universal consciousness. This opening invariably happens through initiation by a spiritual guide. However in rare cases, receiving correct guidance can spark the sudden, simultaneous opening and recognition of the state. It cannot be awakened through self-inquiry alone, because it requires the component of surrender. Once the space is opened, we need to practice constant self-remembrance and horizontal surrender, which is a function of pure attention. This practice is done primarily with eyes open, as it requires the polarity with the field of visual perception. This can then be supported with practice in sitting meditation, where we continue to embody pure me and learn to rest vertically at the back of the head.

Pure me of consciousness is initially experienced as our pure subjectivity between the middle and back of the head when our eyes are closed, and in very back of the head when the eyes are open. As it matures, the state naturally expands to fill the entire headspace (with exclusion of the front, which is the seat of essential me) while its main center remains at the back. When the horizontal samadhi is reached the core of pure me is experienced behind the physical head with eyes open.

Pure me is awakened through the horizontal surrender of pure attention into I am. Initially, while that surrender produces a degree of horizontal depth in the headspace, it does not cross the threshold of I am. This intermediate state is what we call ‘awareness’. When pure attention embodies awareness, pure me is born and can be clearly experienced, but only within the confines of the dimension of presence; this is the pure me of presence. To realize pure me fully, however, pure attention must continue its horizontal surrender and anchor itself deeply in I am, crossing over into absence and awakening and embodying the bare attention of pure me.

If pure me of consciousness is not realized, we can never truly merge with universal consciousness. Pure me of consciousness is the innermost extension of essence-me into I am; it is the one who reaches unity with the universal consciousness. Pure me cannot be fully experienced unless one has access to I am, because it comes into existence as the subject to unity with the universal reality. It is pure me that allows us to embody I am, to take possession of pure consciousness and own it as our very identity.

Pure Consciousness

Pure consciousness is the unity of pure me and universal I am. As we cultivate horizontal surrender, we ultimately arrive at the state of absence or samadhi in universal consciousness while simultaneously embodying pure me as the consciousness of the soul. This is the state of pure consciousness.

Beyond the horizontal samadhi of pure me in universal consciousness our evolution deepens into the embodiment of I am through which pure me becomes the bare attention of I am and universal subjectivity is realized as our very self. Upon shifting into universal subjectivity, pure me transforms into universal me, thereby awakening the universal aspect of the soul.

The complete awakening of pure consciousness does not signify the end of the evolution of consciousness as a whole. It only represents the realization of one aspect of our pure nature, and as such does not include the awakening of essence-me and integration of our human consciousness with the soul. In addition, in order to reach true perfection, pure me of consciousness must surrender vertically, through the central channel, to the source and arrive at the condition of absence.

Dimension of Essential Me

Essential me is the core of our very existence, the living essence and power of consciousness. The heart of essential me is essence-me, which is the deepest core of its subjectivity. Essence-me is the original sense of me with which we are all endowed, but remain unconscious of. Essence-me is our beginning and, through meeting itself and becoming conscious of its own existence, it flowers into conscious me and ultimately comes to realize its own source of immanent I am. To know oneself, one has to know essence-me because this is where the hidden secret of our true identity is hidden.

Awakening the Inner Knower

The inner knower is the true center of our soul, the very core of our existence. He is also the primary identity of the outer knower, which is his extension into creation. Awakening of the inner knower and its complete transformation is the highest purpose of the spiritual path and of our life on earth. The evolution of the inner knower is complex and intricate and requires complete understanding of the dimension of the essential me. Even though the inner knower must be present as the source of our spiritual longing and inspiration before his actual awakening, he awakens properly through the realization of the conscious me or the ‘conscious inner knower. His journey of transformation then continues through vertical surrender and self-absorption, into the absolute knower, fundamental knower, primordial knower, and immanent knower.

Self-Conscious Observer to Conscious Me:
Awakening the Inner and Outer Conscious Knower

Our evolution into essential me begins with the awakening of the self-conscious observer and conscious me, which are the bare attentions of the outer and inner knower. The observer is the initial expression of the outer knower, before it is awakened to its own subjectivity. The outer knower is the outer layer of essence-me and the center and identity of external attention and of our conceptual intelligence. When the outer knower is unconscious of his own identity, we call him the observer. Here, the energy of external attention is constantly pulling him towards identification with objects of perception. For the outer essence-me to be awakened, the inner knower must reach out towards the sense of me of the observer and recognize his subjectivity. This is the realization of the self-conscious observer, which is the first level of bare attention of essence-me.

From there, through the internal relaxation and self-absorption of the self-conscious observer, the primary center of essence-me becomes illuminated. When the primary center of essence-me awakens to its own pure subjectivity, it is what we call ‘conscious me.’ Conscious me is the identity and bare attention of the inner knower, where the inner knower is the center of pure attention and our internal, pure intelligence.

For conscious me to evolve into its deeper identity, which is the absolute knower, it must then begin to evolve in two directions. Firstly, it must awaken its extensions into verticality, which are pure conscious me and fundamental me, and reach vertical surrender and samadhi through those centers. Secondly, it must become self-absorbed through both its primary and secondary centers, meaning both inner knower and the outer knower must merge internally into their very core of essence-me.

Pure Attention

Pure attention is the dynamic emanation of the inner knower into the light of pure subjectivity, through which the identities of both pure and essential me come into existence. Without the awakening of pure attention, one can never practice meditation properly or cooperate with the process of internal awakening. In the absence of pure attention, it is impossible to realize our me, to embody it and to surrender into I am. Pure attention is responsible for awakening not only the pure me of consciousness, but also pure me of being, pure me of the heart, pure conscious me and fundamental me, which can all be seen as the secondary centers of the inner knower. In addition, it is also responsible for awakening its own core of subjectivity, which is essence-me itself. It is pure attention which emanates from the kernel of essence-me to awaken the subjectivity of all the centers of the soul.

Pure Conscious Me

The awakening of pure conscious me is of great importance because without it, conscious me would never be able to transcend the dimension of presence, nor integrate the outer knower and the mind into itself. Pure conscious me is actualized through the vertical expansion of pure attention from the inner knower, through which its identity of conscious me establishes its body of being and begins to grow into the vertical dimension. It is through the relaxation and gentle surrender of conscious me that we open the space for the birth of ‘pure me of conscious me’ or ‘pure conscious me.’

Pure conscious me awakens directly below conscious me, as an extension of conscious me towards absolute I am. While it is directly connected to conscious me, it is an entirely new me in the sense of that it has its own centre of bare attention. Pure conscious me is experienced below conscious me, at the front of the forehead. It is more spacious and does not have pinpointed location. For it to serve as a true bridge for conscious me, pure conscious me has to itself reach complete surrender through the essential channel. When pure conscious reaches absence, it is experienced at the bottom of the frontal lobe, at the level of eyebrows.

Primary Me

Once one has awakened both conscious me and pure conscious me, these two centers are commonly experienced too separately, meaning there is a gap between the identity of essence-me (conscious me) and its being (pure conscious me). To bridge this gap conscious me has to profoundly relax into pure conscious me so that essence-me becomes absorbed into its being. In the realization of primary me, conscious me is not yet fully absorbed in pure conscious me, but it has surrendered enough for them to be felt as one center.

Fundamental Me

Fundamental me is the pure me of pure conscious me. It is a further extension of conscious me, this time into exclusively vertical surrender. It is fundamental me that opens the vertical portal to absolute I am for essential me and creates the foundation of samadhi. Fundamental me is experienced lower than both conscious and pure conscious me, from the area below the eyebrows, through the eyes, down to the lower cheekbones. The unity of fundamental me and absolute I am is the fundamental state.

Transparent Outer Knower

While initially, the observer is a center of the false self, meaning it is disconnected from our pure subjectivity, it is gradually developed and transformed into the outer knower, in parallel to the awakening of conscious me and pure consciousness. The outer knower is the center of our conceptual intelligence, and it is its destiny to serve as the higher center of the souls intelligence right up to the highest realization of immanent I am. The observer that is awakened to its own subjectivity, and which operates from the base of conscious me is what we call the ‘conscious outer knower.’ The conscious outer knower is the secondary center of conscious me and its link to external attention. This secondary center must then be further aligned with our pure subjectivity through becoming fully conscious, transparent and unified with conscious me.

The transparent outer knower is an important first step in aligning the outer knower with the deeper centers of essential me. It arises from the foundation of fundamental consciousness, where the four centers of consciousness (pure me of consciousness, fundamental me, pure conscious me and conscious me) are all embodied. When our fundamental consciousness is embodied, our natural identification with the outer knower is constantly balanced by the self-recognition of and surrender into our pure subjectivity; the outer knower fall back into a false center of its own outside of our pure subjectivity, thereby becoming transparent.

The outer knower must still create a center as the subject to perception or thinking, but in each instant this center is formed it is simultaneously decentralized, dissolved by the flow of recognition and surrender to conscious me, pure conscious me, fundamental me and pure consciousness. The transparent outer knower can be experienced to an extent through the realization of and surrender to pure consciousness alone. However, in order to reach true transparency, the three centers of essential me must be awakened and embodied as well. The transparent outer knower ultimately becomes part of the fundamental consciousness.

The realization of the transparent outer knower marks the beginning of his transformation, much of which is facilitated through his complete internalization and self-absorption. This self-absorption takes place upon the foundation of his vertical surrender to conscious me.

The next, deeper realization of the outer knower is called the‘translucent knower.’ The translucent knower is realized upon the base of the transformation of conscious me, where conscious me comes to be fully merged with pure conscious me and has reached the state of vertical samadhi in absolute I am.


Consciousness alone cannot enter the inner realm unless it becomes absorbed in the stillness of being. Being is that which enables us to rest in existence – the intermediary space that links consciousness with the source and maintains the gravitational equilibrium between creation and the original void. As both the impersonal ground of the beyond and the true foundation of meditation, it is being that allows the depth of reality to be divulged to our consciousness.

Being is felt initially as an energetic expansion in the area of the belly, with its center of gravity in the lower belly and its main energy flowing downwards into tan t’ien. This initial opening into being must then be embodied through the awakening of pure me of being, so that true surrender into the dimension of being can begin. The primary means by which to open and deepen the experience of being is to sit in meditation, and combine a natural abidance in being with constant letting go. This opens us to the gravity of the now so that the energy of the soul can be absorbed into a state of repose. This practice can be supported by gentle belly breathing and in which pure me is falling with exhalation, and arriving at deeper and deeper states of restfulness, preparing the ground for its final descent into the unmanifested.

The surrender into being, with its innermost goal of reaching the unmanifested (non-being) should be seen as a process of constant deepening of our vertical absorption, which passes through several important stages both prior to and after reaching the absolute state. We can divide our initial evolution into being into the three main steps: abidance, restfulness, and absorption. Absorption is then divided into three further steps: gentle absorption, deep absorption, and complete absorption. Although they represent stages of being anchored in the now, gentle and deep absorption still refer to the experience of being prior to reaching the unmanifested. They do not yet have the quality of complete, unconditional rest.

Complete absorption signifies the shift into the absolute state, where the being aspect of the soul crosses over to the other side. In itself it has four main levels of depth: pure rest, no will, state of absence, and diamond mountain. So in total there are eight steps to arriving at the final depth of being: abidance, restfulness, gentle absorption, deep absorption, pure rest (absolute state), no will, state of absence, and diamond mountain.

Pure Me of Being

Pure me of being is the one who rests and reaches absorption in being, the subject to the experience of being. Unless pure me of being is awakened, the energy of being is external to our identity and cannot be embodied. Through its awakening, pure me allows us to integrate the state of being into the identity of the soul. In order for the pure subjectivity of being to be actualized, one needs to open up the internal space of absorption through surrender into the vertical dimension. Awakening of pure me of being is essential not only to embody being but to begin our deeper evolution into complete vertical surrender. Only when we have a clear identity of the level of being can we penetrate its final depth and enter the dimension of the source – the absolute state.


The heart belongs to the realm of the beloved, love and grace. No one can reach completion without actualizing its essence. While the opening of the spiritual heart is necessary to reach wholeness, it is impossible unless we have first solidified our identity beyond the mind and become absorbed in the source. Paths that limit their view of spirituality to love and devotion cannot serve as a bridge to reality unless they are grounded in consciousness and being. Without the foundation of the inner state, the heart has no reality apart from emotion. In order to open us to the dimension of the soul and the divine, the heart must be met beyond emotion in a space of clarity and stillness.

The heart has several layers. Although it is linked to our deeper existential emotions, it is actually the higher center of feeling in our body. True feelings such as love or sadness are experienced only in the heart. While most feelings are related to our human psychological reality, as we dive deeper into the space of the heart we awaken to the very essence of feeling in itself, which is the I am of the heart, the depth of intimacy with the light and love of creation. Apart from being the feeling center of the soul, the heart is also a doorway to that aspect of the beyond which we call the divine dimension. After the light of the heart is embodied through pure me, further surrender leads to merging with the universal heart of the beloved.

There are three main dimensions of the heart that need to be actualized: the human heart, which is linked to human feelings and relates to the world; the spiritual heart or the heart of the soul, which represents the pure subjectivity of love; and the divine heart, which is born through the union of the heart with the absolute. The first step in entering the heart is to open its energetic dimension, which grants us access to the heart. This is then followed by the awakening of pure me of the heart, and then by the merging of pure me with the divine dimension. Finally, through its vertical surrender, the heart is unified with the unmanifested.

Human Heart

The human heart is the doorway to the heart of the soul. The essence of the human heart is feeling me, which can be experienced in a subconscious, semi-conscious or conscious way. Feeling me is the subject of human feelings such as sadness, pain and love. When it is subconscious, it is fully identified with these feelings. As it evolves, it comes closer to feeling itself as me, the very subject to all these feelings. This is the beginning of the complex process of the awakening of the heart. The feeling me is the bridge between human feelings and the heart of the soul.

It is the awakening of feeling me, in conjunction with the purification and healing of the heart, which constitutes the awakening of the human heart. Purification of the heart is the alignment of our subconscious with the higher intention of the heart; here the human heart begins to serve the soul, becoming her positive expression in the human dimension. Healing the heart is the process of transforming and dissolving our human pain through the light of the soul. For this to be possible, feeling me has to surrender to pure me of the heart; the lower heart of the human has to surrender to the higher heart of the soul. It is the grace of the soul that allows the purification and healing of the heart to happen.

Pure Me of the Heart

Feeling me is responsible for opening the energetic doorway to the spiritual heart, but the essence of our higher heart is pure me. It is through the awakening of pure me that our heart can be realized as our pure subjectivity and embodied as our very soul. The heart in itself is not a doorway to the beyond. Rather, it is the place in each human being where the the seed of I am is kept, as the sacred reminder of our original self. Because its very essence is I am, the heart can be embodied through pure me. Pure me of the heart represents our divine nature and our most direct connection to the beloved. It is in pure me of the heart that love is realized in its original, non-objective form as the foundation of our existence. For pure me of the heart to be fully actualized, feeling me has to surrender and be merged with it. The unity of feeling me and pure me of the heart reflects the realization of our complete heart.

In order to reach perfection and arrive at its natural condition, the heart has to be linked to the state of being through vertical surrender. Arriving at the state of vertical restfulness is the first step of its absorption in the direction of the source. The final step in this process is the realization of the divine state.

Samadhi of the Soul

Two Channels of Vertical Surrender

In order to have a clear vision of the intricate process of reaching complete samadhi, we must understand that there are two channels of surrender to the source. We call these the central channel and the essential channel. The central channel runs down from the middle-back of the head, through the heart and into the center of tan t’ien in the lower belly. Pure me of consciousness, pure me of the heart and pure me of being all reach the absolute through surrender down the central channel.

The essential channel runs down from the front of the head directly into the absolute, bypassing the heart. The two centers of the essential me (pure conscious me and conscious me) as well as our relative human consciousness, surrender and reach samadhi through the essential channel. These two channels are very distinct and have unique functions in our evolution. However, they are also fully interdependent: before the essential channel can really open up, absolute consciousness must be fully established, meaning the central channel must be open and pure me of being, heart and consciousness must have reached samadhi.

Central Channel – Three Pillars of Samadhi

Absolute State – Samadhi of Being

In the realization of the absolute, the soul transcends the fluctuations in her experience of being and moves into a state of unbroken rest. In the pure rest of the absolute, the motionlessness of being reflects the perfection of universal stillness. The absolute state represents our union with the unborn, uncreated source. It is the ground of oneness through which we reach unconditional absorption in the beyond.

The doorway to the absolute is tan t’ien, which is the centre of the vital force in the lower belly. Concentration on this area through breathing can gather more life energy. However, in order for it to serve as a gateway to the unmanifested one has to cultivate vertical surrender. In order for that surrender to be properly directed and have the necessary empowerment, the pure me of being must be met and embodied. It is the pure me of being that is first to enter the domain of absence. As with other states of awakening, after the initial opening, the absolute state must be stabilized and integrated through the cultivation of constant surrender.

In the absolute state, one experiences unity with the source only within the being aspect of I am; the heart and consciousness of the soul have yet to merge with the source.

Divine State – Samadhi of the Heart

For our heart to become complete beyond the realization of its essence of pure me, it must be absorbed in the dimension of being and merge with the absolute. To actualize its divine nature, the heart must be rooted in the unmanifested. Only from the place of absence can our individual heart be unified with the divine dimension and realize the state of love. When merged with the absolute, the heart reaches the condition of pure rest, exalted repose in the heart of the beloved.

The samadhi of the heart is a prerequisite for further surrender of pure me of consciousness, because the heart serves as a bridge of pure subjectivity between our pure consciousness and the source. Without going through the heart, pure me of consciousness cannot reach absence and remains locked in the dimension of presence. The heart in the absolute state represents our foundation of love and being in the inner realm – the divine state.

Absolute Consciousness – Samadhi of Pure Consciousness

In her first entry into the absolute, the soul reaches unconditional absorption in the beyond through the gateway of being. Her consciousness, however, still remains outside the absolute. Absolute consciousness can be seen as the third entry into the absolute, after being and heart, where pure me of consciousness shifts into the dimension of absence. Here, for the first time, our consciousness moves into the domain of the source and creates the firm base of surrender and absence for all the remaining aspects of consciousness to transcend the dimension of presence.

Essential Channel – Vertical and Internal Samadhi

The evolution of essential me into samadhi passes through several important stages. Conscious me is our entry point into the vertical evolution of essential me. Conscious me needs to first of all be awakened and solidified and then reach the condition of restfulness, where the quality of being is infused in its presence through the birth of pure conscious me. Then, we must activate a deeper connection to the vertical dimension through the awakening of fundamental me, the purpose of which is to open up the essential channel to absolute I am. Upon the foundation of the samadhi of fundamental me and pure conscious me, conscious me and the outer knower can then begin surrender directly into the absolute I am.

The vertical surrender of essential me follows a more intricate path due to the fact that it is fully intertwined with the internal samadhi of these centers. Conscious me and the outer knower are from the beginning reaching deeper and deeper states of self-absorption, which in turn facilitates their vertical merging with the centers below them, what we call ‘self-fusion.’ On the other hand, the vertical samadhi of particularly fundamental me and pure conscious me provides the requisite base upon which this self-absorption can reach its ultimate depth, the culmination of which is the birth of ‘I’ and its immanent samadhi.

Vertical Samadhi of Essential Me

Fundamental State

The fundamental state is reached through the complete surrender of fundamental me into the absolute; it is the unity of fundamental me and absolute I am. The realization of the fundamental state is in some ways similar to the realization of pure consciousness. In both cases, the doorway to I am needs to be opened, and then pure me needs to be awakened, embodied and merged with I am. Samadhi of the fundamental me is experienced energetically in the area of the lower cheekbones.

Absolute Pure Conscious Me

Once the fundamental state is established, conscious me comes to be indirectly linked to absence through the identity of pure conscious me. In order to open the way to absence for conscious me, pure conscious me must first of all begin to surrender from its own center of pure subjectivity into the source to reach vertical samadhi. Here it is transformed into absolute pure conscious me. This samadhi is reached at the bottom of the frontal lobe, where pure conscious me ends and fundamental me begins.

Evolution of the Inner Knower into Internal Samadhi:

Absolute Knower

The surrender of conscious me, which is the identity of the inner knower, is a process of deeply letting go from the very core of our existence, that must be balanced by the continuous embodiment of conscious me as the subjectivity of the one who surrenders. The unity of conscious me with the absolute I am, via the merging of conscious me with absolute pure conscious me, is called the ‘absolute knower’. Here, conscious me itself enters the state of absence, becoming one with the absolute. Because to be transformed into absolute knower, the inner knower has to merge with absolute pure conscious me, it is energetically experienced in the same location as the samadhi of pure conscious me, at the bottom of the frontal lobe on the level of eyebrows. The tools through which we realize the absolute knower are vertical surrender of conscious me and, primarily, the self-absorption of the outer knower (what we call the second level of self-absorption)

So the realization of the absolute knower signifies that the inner knower has merged with pure conscious me and established himself more deeply in the essence-me. For the realization of the fundamental knower, the absolute knower must then merge with fundamental me. Following this, we have ‘essence-samadhi’ where the fundamental knower finally merges with the essence-me, and thus the essence-me becomes the identity of the inner knower. Through essence-samadhi we realize the primordial knower. And finally, through immanent samadhi the inner knower enters the hidden kernel of the essence-me and merges with the immanent I am. Here, he becomes the immanent knower, the ultimate realization of our true self.

Evolution of the Outer Knower into Samadhi:

Translucent Knower

As long as the outer knower, the secondary center of conscious me, is not fully absorbed in essential me, it continues to be a disturbing influence. In such common scenario, even if the conscious me is awakened, the outer knower remain unintegrated and regresses to the condition of the observer. It disempowers our consciousness and causes a leakage of energy through excessive self-reference and identification with external attention, relative consciousness and objectivity. In the condition of the transparent knower, one has arrived at a point of relative integration between the outer knower and essential me. However, ultimately they need to be completely unified.

It is the absolute knower that forms the proper base for the samadhi of the outer knower, what we call the ‘sealed state.’ The is outer knower in samadhi in the inner knower, or ‘sealed state,’ is what we call the ‘translucent knower.’ The translucent knower is the secondary center of essence-me arising from the absolute knower. The translucent knower is fully unified with our soul and is one with the light of our pure nature.

Further Evolution of the Inner Knower:

Fundamental Knower: Fundamental Samadhi

The realisation of the absolute knower is very profound, but it still has important limitations pertaining to the duality that remains between the inner knower and essence-me, and to an incomplete level of absence. We might think that samadhi in absolute I am is complete absence, but this is a matter of perspective. It is certainly a profound realization of absence, but the penetration of absence here is insufficient to enable the inner knower to fully merge with essence-me. To break through this limitation, the inner knower has to merge with fundamental me, manifesting what we call ‘fundamental samadhi’. In the merging of the absolute knower with fundamental me, the knower is transformed into the ‘fundamental knower.’ The fundamental knower is a stage between the absolute knower and primordial knower.

Primordial Knower: Essence-Samadhi and Realization of I

Essence-samadhi, as the name implies, is samadhi in essence-me. While essence-me has been the identity of the inner knower all along, its very core has been beyond the reach of that inner knower. Essence-me is the center around which conscious me was formed, and that center is deeper than conscious me itself. The fundamental knower provides the platform of perfect vertical absence upon which that core of essence-me can finally be penetrated through the self-absorption of the inner knower in essence-me. The by-product of this absorption is the realization of I. In ‘I’, as opposed to ‘me’, the duality between essence-me and the inner knower is fully transcended. Here, the identity of the inner knower finally shifts into the essence-me itself, and he assumes the identity of essence-me.

Immanent Knower:
Immanent Samadhi and Realization of Immanent I am

Essence-me is the core of our individuality. But it is also a doorway to its own original spark of immanent I am, who is our very beginning. Immanent I am is the first emanation of primordial I am into creation, the base for the arising of the soul. To enter the immanent I am, an even deeper self-absorption of the inner knower is required, one that penetrates further into and through essence-me. We call this deepest self-absorption ‘immanent samadhi’. When the primordial knower passes through the gate of essence-me, he enters a sphere of identity beyond both me and I, the unseen base-identity of our existence, the immanent I am. That which is not me and not I, the subtlest, the unseen and inherently beyond - that is our original self. The immanent knower is the one who realizes our deepest immanency, the final answer to the question ‘who am I?’

Transcendence is Immanence

It is common to perceive the concept of transcendence as going ‘beyond’ or dissolving our me into a condition of impersonality. However, the true doorway to transcendence is not outside of who we are – it is within, within our essence-me. Our essence-me is the gateway to the immanent I am which is the original divine spark of our individuality that is inherently one with the primordial I am, the godhead of creation.

Evolution in Perfection

Freedom is the natural flowering of our spiritual completion: the very merging of me with the soul and the soul with the universal and absolute dimensions of I am. Far more than the attainment of another, deeper energetic state, it is our radical transcendence of illusion and the return to our original home. Arriving at the state of love is the end of our journey into wholeness and transcendence, for here our soul has at last fulfilled her purpose of incarnating in the dimension of forgetfulness. Emancipated from being lost in her human identity and earthly consciousness, the soul returns to the abode of universal intelligence and, from the depths of original absence, reclaims the light of her primordial presence. But while it is the end of her earthly journey, by actualizing her original self, the soul begins the new era of her evolution and existence – in the beyond. Her new life is no longer about seeking freedom from imperfection, but about never-ending expansion into the dimension of love, bliss and truth. This is evolution in perfection itself, the ceaseless awakening of understanding and surrender into the heart of the beloved.


Complete Map of Awakening: Diagram


*Please note that this flow chart is structured to represent, in sequence, the major stages of the awakening process; it does not reflect the location of the awakened states in the human body.