True Peace

Everyone is seeking peace. Everyone wants peace. But reaching peace is a result of integrating several elements in our internal evolution. Peace is a result of several things falling into the right place in our evolution. There is a clear reason for the absence of peace and for the presence of peace. Obviously the foundation of peace is having access to our true nature, without which there cannot be peace but only the psychological illusion of being in peace. When the mind is numb and unconscious, it can subjectively translate its condition of relative lack of disturbances as peace. It’s obviously not peace; it’s nothing.

Peace is not a psychological state but a spiritual state. That’s why it requires awakening of our true self as its foundation, but that awakening will not produce complete peace unless me is surrendered and merged with our soul. The absence of this merging, this unity, this surrender, creates a split inside us. Two aspects of our existence cannot be unified, and therefore we are not at peace.

That which is real within our human consciousness, our me in its pure form, must be merged with the soul, and that which is not real, which we generally refer to as the false self, has to be renounced and dissolved. There are certain aspects of our human existence that simply cannot be merged with the soul. They are not pure; they are not conscious; they are not real. Only the real can be one with the soul, can actually coexist with the soul.

Peace is not for free; certain sacrifices need to be made to reach it. It’s a simple economy of consciousness. You cannot be lost and locked in subconscious or obsessive, negative tendencies and simultaneously experience the pure peace of your soul. It will not work.

The path of strict renunciation which is advocated by certain traditions that wish to get rid of the human existence altogether in order to transcend this dimension – transcendence is their only goal – is not so much concerned with integrating our human existence with the surrender to the soul or with transcendence. In a sense, their path is easier, but it is easier only for those souls which are really ready to let go of the human condition either because they have completed their human evolution – they are no longer excited by this human reality – or they are existentially finished, completely tired of this human reality and ready to surrender it.

But these souls are rare because the nature of the reality of this earth is that most souls which incarnate here still have an agenda on the human level; they still carry the weight of unfulfilled desires. They are emotionally deficient. They carry in their subtle bodies different obsessive desires, clingings. It’s not even rational. In fact, it is actually these obsessions with certain desires – with fulfillment of certain things that subconsciously they translate to be what will make them happy – that incarnates. Even if these souls are more conscious and have already been on the path for a number of lifetimes, they are far from being finished or completed on the human level.

So for these souls to pursue the path of strict renunciation would be completely unnatural and would simply lead to repression, and that which is repressed cannot transcend. All of those desires, that lack of fulfillment on the human level, all those emotional deficiencies, will come back through a back door. They will hog the self, preventing it from merging with the beyond.

Some souls see the spiritual path as a way to escape from their condition – because of having so many insecurities and fears, and not wanting to confront them, constantly being unable to fulfill certain essential human desires, and so forth. The spiritual path seems like a solution to avoid that dilemma, to get out from this human realm. But it does not work because human completion, reaching a certain essential maturity within our human existence, is part of our blueprint and it has to be honored. It has to be embraced as a part of our transcendence.

So here we are entering the most challenging type of evolution where surrender to our soul, moving into the realm of transcendence, has to be integrated with the process of becoming fulfilled, with the process of maturation on the human level. It is a tricky path, like a razor’s edge – very precise, very exact. And there has to be wisdom, honesty, and integrity to bridge these two. Otherwise, it’s easy to fall off the path, to get sucked into the human dimension or to repress one’s humanness. Many of our human thoughts, desires, and longings are real. They are positive; they are necessary for the human to evolve and complete itself. When the human is complete, he is simply relaxed; he is at ease with his human existence, and only then can he truly surrender. He is no longer the obscuring factor. He enriches the soul through his surrender.

However, the fact is that the majority of human desires, pseudo longings, insecurities, and fears are purely subconscious. They are not from the soul. They are not from the pure me. They are just from the mind. Honoring and embracing the natural human inside you and renouncing the false one, the subconscious one, the neurotic one, is what must be done in order to create the proper relationship between the human and the soul. And that proper relationship always must be based on deep embodiment of the light of I am.

If your thoughts and emotions weaken your relationship with your fundamental nature, weaken your inner state, weaken the depth of abidance, it means that you went too far into your human. You lost the balance. Some of our students sit in meditation and think about or go into different fears or insecurities, or being bored. They produce all kinds of thoughts. Some think about food or sex. Think about food or think about sex as much as you want – let your imagination go wild – but while simultaneously totally surrendering into the light of I am. That surrender will bring balance into all these thoughts; they will have less weight; they will be less important.

Any thoughts or emotions that weaken your connection with your soul must be dropped. A certain playful movement of intelligence is part of the creativity of our consciousness, but this true creativity can happen only from the depth of I am. That part of the mind which is overly obsessed and neurotic, which is clinging to negative emotions, which is constantly processing information such as survival issues, has to be renounced.

Part of the process of surrender is learning the ability to abide in the state of non-protectiveness. Some call it trust, but trust is still a psychological justification. In the state of surrender, there is no trust – nobody cares. That self which is surrendering is not justifying letting go of the mind through the concept of trust. The more correct term is ‘fearlessness’. Trust and courage are still psychological. Fearlessness is a condition of the soul.

There is as if a law that any soul which surrenders, through the wisdom of life, will be fulfilled on the human level as well. And those who do not surrender will never be fulfilled because the human can never be fulfilled; it’s always empty. He can be fulfilled only when the essence of his existence is surrendered to his higher self. After that, all the other elements in his human existence gradually, magically, fall into the right place. It is not renunciation; it is embracing our humanness from the depth of surrender to the light of the soul. That is the only way to become whole.